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B2D Nutrition Article Index: All things Foodish on begin2dig

begin2dig has a lot of posts about topics in nutrition, from discussions around nutrients (how does fat and fat burning work; what are carbs) to supplements (and quality of same), to what do various body fat percentages really look like to how rewiring the brain may be a critical part for diet success. To get a feel for b2d's take on nutrition, here's an index of articles organized from nutrients to nutrition resources. Hope this provides a useful reference point for your nutrition explorations.

Respect the Fat: An overview of Fat Burning Goodness

Brown Fat: New Improved Single Factor Thinking

We're Happy happy Happy With our Fat - or maybe not

"Lean Muscle "- muscle is lean - do you mean lean mass?

Green Tea - good for more than what ails ya - facilitating fat burning


What's 100% whole wheat? and what is it vs sprouted wheat? or sprouted anything?

Carbohydrates: the New Fat

Carbs or Protein before Bed? Not what you think


How much protein - no really - for muscle gain, maintenance
i like this piece - cuz i'm not crazy about the conclusions. That mainly protein may well be overdone if you're talking about muscle gain, which is different than using it for diet to feel fuller on less. There's also a difference between protein synthesis and protein absorption. They are not the same. And in particular, why creatine and load may be more important than protein for *gaining* beyond what ya gain just with exercise.

What's a whole protein? and why how should/can we have them?
ever wondered this? especially if you're a vegetarian? how get a whole protein from bread and beans? or what's a super bean as a whole/complete protein?

Optimal Protein Blends - for carnivores and vegetarians alike

A Minute with Mike: BCAA's, Leucine, or Plain Old Whey - does it make a difference?

Nutrient timing *may* make difference - for strength, body comp, muscle fiber...

The Pump: What is it, Does it Work and if so How and for What Kind of Muscle Growth?

Farmed Salmon: Health and Environment Concerns. Dam

Eating: Rewiring our Instincts for Sure Fire Weight Loss

Habits and Alternatives: one step at a time dieting (within critique of P90x) (including references to Precision Nutrition, Lyle McDonald, M.Beck, and a cast of thousands)

Supplement Curmudgeon: Does that DO anything for you?

Is what's on the label really in your supplement?

Creatine, Beta Alanine, Citrulline malate, and more b2d

Dealing with (a wretched) Cold

The Raw and The Cooked of Enzyme Supplementation

Weight Loss & Exercise
More on Exercise without Diet doesn't produce Weight Loss

Exercise doesn't work - without diet - really

Athletic Bodies: which one is you(r desired shape)?

P90X Critique Part 2 0f 3 - WIll you really "get ripped"?

Nutrient Timing
Nutrient timing *may* make difference - for strength/mass development

Minute with Mike (2 ), Post Workout Recovery Window: real or myth?

Approaches to Nutrition
What the Heck is Sustenance? Review of the Z-Health 9S Sustenance

Rewiring Habits - support for lean eating (part of a Critique of P90X )

Set Point Theory is Crap: We are Only What We Eat

Review of the "Science" claims of the Warrior Diet

Human Support is KEY for Good Eating/Diet Success

Precision Nutrition. The best source to Learn about one's self and food

Georgie Fear's Dig In: The new easy, fast, tasty, satisfying recipe book: DIG IN

Farmed Salmon: Health and Environment Concerns. Dam

Food Inc.: the unbearable lightness of the food industry

Fitness Geek Book Recommendations

Images and Approaches: Real People making Real Changes with Real Support

Athletic Bodies: which one is you(r desired shape)?

Reflection/Critique of P90X review (in Three Parts)

Motivation as Skill: a Functional Definition of same

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