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Precision Nutrition Sale! The best source to Learn about figuring out the best Nutrition and Healthy Eating FOR YOU

This Wed., Nov 25, Precision Nutrition is having a sale. Mark it down. For folks at b2d who mayn't know, this is an approach to nutrition i recommend to folks who are new to thinking about food and health in a real way, who want to lose weight or gain mass, and are sick of dieting. PN is not a diet; it's a set of habits that by practicing them, you'll get to know what works for you with eating. So yes, i think it's a great way to learn about how a person individually connects with food and what will be successful for them with eating.

I was recently asked why i'm a fan of PN. This is what i said.

Baseline: Know Thyself I’ve written about this lately. Very few of us have any real baseline understanding of what works for us how in terms of the food we eat. We don’t really know ourselves with respect to food. Precision Nutrition is focused around eating habits first rather than calories.

That’s used as a vehicle to get to a place where we can know that first and foremost we’re consistently getting a basic set of required foods into us for a good nutritional balance. From there, we can use that basis as a platform from which to test other things.

Individual Responses to Food: how do you know? One of the big things tested for example is carb tolerance. So rather than saying starchy carbs bad, Berardi’s approach is: hold off starchy carbs to when we know they’re really needed – after workouts.

Do this regularly for a month so we have a clean slate, and then see what happens after that if you have some starchy carbs at other times. It may be that Person A can totally handle them but Person B cannot.

As a science geek, this get to a baseline then based on that knowledge, experiment makes so much sense. It’s a great way to get to know yourself with respect to food. I think we all deserve getting that self-knowledge around our nutrition. Otherwise, we’re simply lead by external proposals: starchy carbs bad; eat once a day, only eat fat from grass fed beef. Well ok, in what universe and for whom do these prescriptions make optimal sense?

So I used to be pretty religious about PN as a practice. Now, as said, it’s a really great way to get some core nutritional understanding about ourselves and to learn how to adjust foods for our goals.

Measurement GuideMonitoring Success. So many ways Another part of PN that I like is that it also spends quality time on how to monitor progress for body comp related goals.
This is no small thing. Lots of folks are trapped with just the scale and when we see it stalling or going the wrong way or whatever, we can freak out. Meanwhile there may be tons of good stuff happening: upping lean body mass, better girth measures, besides better health. This program has the best most thoughtful step by step guides for taking and charting those measures [the Results Tracker service makes it easy to chart all these measures too -mc]

And likewise, as I’ve said in reviews, its forum is filled with experts who participate in discussions. I'd pay for PN just to get access to that forum.

I don’t know of a better place to get answers to nutrition queries based on science and experience without being dogmatic. Along with the PN individualization guide, it was the folks on the forum during my initial foray into leanness that helped me work through what felt like stall outs. That was GOLD.

A number of folks I respect there have been exploring intermittent fasting or eating only when hungry, and so on. But they’re all doing it from this fundamental base of knowing themselves around food, and PN has played a role there.

Right now I’m going through my first ever bulking phase. Normally if I saw these numbers going up on the scale I’d panic. But (a) I know how to assess what of that is fat and what’s muscle progrees and (b) I know how to come back from this process. And that’s because of the approaches I’ve learned more at PN than doing various coaching/training certifications. It’s the full meal deal. And I haven’t even started about the expert training advice available there. (If you're interested though, here's a two part, very detailed review of PN)
So if this sounds good to you, here's what's on sale:
we're going to offer the Precision Nutrition System, including Gourmet Nutrition V1 and an all-access membership to our private Member Zone, plus a 1-year subscription to our Results Tracker program [usually 59.00 a year], and free shipping to the US and Canada [14USD]. All for $99.00. In other words, for the price of the PN system alone, folks also get a year's worth of results tracking AND and free shipping (US and Canada; we'll also take $10 off all international orders).
As said, for me, PN is the best foundational place i've found to learn about food, nutrition, eating. You can get as much into the science of it as you want, or just get help (just! ha!) on how to get lean and healthy, or HUGE like tank.

In other words, it's not a diet, it's an approach, support, knowledge - wherever you're coming from on your path with eating, PN will get you higher up and further in with excellent reality based support, knowledge, expertise. It's a fabulous resource. Check out the new page: it will show you all the components, including the vegetarian sensitive stuff to boot!

Let me know what you think.

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