Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Minute with Mike (2 ), Post Workout Recovery Window: Real or Myth?

This is the second in our Minute with Mike, workout nutrition fact or fiction series.

In today's episode, we're again talking with Mike T. Nelson, PhD in Kinesiology candidate, RKC and Z-Health Master Trainer during a break at the July 09 Z-Health 9S:sustenance course.

Today's topic: The Recovery Window - that time that's supposed to exist after a workout when ya better get your protein in, or else. Well, or else what?

Are we wasting calories if we pump protein at 121minutess after exercise? Are we making ourselves catabolic if the window closes? How does it close? Is there a window, anyway? Mike?

Check out Mike's new site, extremehumanperformance.com

Once Mike gets a web cam, we'll be bringing you more Minutes With Mike - cracking the supposedly nutritionally known for athletic performance wide open.

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Franz Snideman said...

Makes sense.....overall if we just eat a clean well balanced diet based on whole food that is going to make the biggest difference!

Very cool!

Mike T Nelson said...

Thanks again for doing these MC--much appreciated!
If there are other topics people want to see, drop MC a note.

Rock on
Mike T Nelson
Extreme Human Performance

dr. m.c. said...

Mike, check your email: i already left three suggestions, as well as a reply to your web query :)

franz, right on!



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