Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Carbs or Protein before Bed? Not what you think

Most of us have heard that having some slow digesting protein in our guts at night, making amino acids available for muscle repair after a hard day's training is a great thing.

We may likewise have been told to avoid carbs "they aren't necessary" i've heard one person write (yes i hear writing. all the time. creepy)

The thing is, some work around recovery suggests that it's just as important to get a good sleep - undisturbed and deep - for that growth hormone to release and do it's thing to. And guess what helps a good sleep? Yup. Carbs. Oatmeal and honey before bed, deeper sleep assured.

So, i'm gonna be looking into this further to get a handle on optimal ratios for best muscle/recovery blend...

to be continued...


Mike T Nelson said...

Let me know what you find out on this. I've heard it argued both ways, but in the end you must factor in the individual!

Rock on!
Mike T Nelson

Roland Fisher said...

I`m awaiting this one too. As a person who`s sleep is often terrible, I don`t ever go to bed on a full stomach and my sleep improved. This has meant more to me than the benefits of eating protein.


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