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Coaching expertise with dr. m.c. to be Fit for Life 
I take a holistic approach to support your performance, wellbeing and aspirations.

It's simple: we all live our lives in our bodies; we all MOVE, SLEEP, EAT, THINK, INTERACT.  How well we do with each of these, however, affects how well we can feel, how optimally we can perform, and what aspirations we can achieve.

To help you achieve your aspirations, whatever they are, we work tuning that embodied self by helping tune those 5 everyday qualities.
  • The approach is YOU lead - you are the center of your success - not some external plan.
  • We take a neural science approach to address any pain that may be limiting performance
  • We aim for strength, agility and athletic skill - from better hand-eye coordination to graceful movement
  • improve recovery, sleep better
  • improve body composition: lean out; add muscle
  • gain skills, like learn to swing a kettlebell 
  • - any and all of the above FOR LIFE - not just 12 weeks

IT all starts with YOU

We work together in person, online and/or via email. 

Body Composition, Strength, Agility, Stamina, Passion, Joy 
- so you can be a better you for NOW and THE REST OF YOUR LIFE

WHO YOU ARE: smart, self-directed, successfully busy. 
You, unlike many, get that you have a body. What you don't have is the manual. 

You have something you want to do with that body, whether it's to get rid of a chronic pain that's been limiting you, learn a skill like kettlebells to get some movement into your life, burn off fat and reshape your body, improve your current sport performance, or just reclaim your body and get (back) in shape. You've made the decision: it's time to make it work. 

You don't want to waste time hacking around on your own anymore trying to find another diet, another strength program that may or may not be for you: you want to cut to the chase to look better, feel better, stronger, fitter. 

You want a coach whom you can trust, who will help you tweak what YOU want to do. You have the motivation to take the ideas and run with them. You don't need or want someone looking over your shoulder while you do the work, but you do want the best resource around to help dial in what you're doing to make consistent, awesome progress. 

You want a coach on call, and you want to know that the information/coaching you get from that coach is the best it can be for the best results for you. You're paying for it: you want it to work now and into the future.

WHY YOU WANT TO WORK WITH ME; i am a coach and an instructor.  My coaching and teaching is informed by my background as an academic, research scientist and engineer. I've used that background to assess and bring together education, experience and training in the best science-based, practice lead, physiologically and neurologically informed approaches to performance and wellbeing research and coaching. The best science and practice made accessible and available for you.  

COACHINGscience based, research driven, practice lead. 

What you wont't get: programs.

We are not computers: we don't need more "programs."

Programs are great if you're buying a book, and it's trying its best to deliver generic approaches to help you make progress. But if you're seeing me, it's because you want something to help YOU specifically. 

Approach: KNOW THYSELF: Perform BETTER

How do we know what works and what doesn't work for us, whether we're talking food or strength and conditioning approaches? 

TEST and RE-assess.  I take an active neural approach to coaching (more here). This means we test and reassess everything we do to make sure it's working for YOU, right away, right there, now.  Yes, right away, in the room. As part of a detailed history, we begin with a Movement Assessment to guide the test/reassess process. This is our foundation.

From that foundation, I teach and coach skills, skills for improving strength, diet, recovery, performance. Those skills include self-assessments: i will help you build skills to perform better, to understand yourself better, and to be able to act on what works for YOU.

Exclusivity: i only take on a few new clients at a time.

The WHOLE You: We look at physical and cognitive performance so you can get better at what you do, not just in a gym, but ALL DAY LONG - working with energy, strength, stamina pain free, and with delight - in yourself and how great you feel.

Clarence Bass, modelling
life long strength practice
AGE RESILIANT - It's always a good time to start moving more. We're plastic; we never stop adapting to stimulus.

Results: Delight in Success. Delight is moving your arm pain free for the first time in months (or years), and staying pain free. Delight is being able to squat again when you thought that couldn't happen. Delight is putting on jeans and they feel LOOSE again. Delight is breaking through a plateau in strength. Delight is waking up feeling really well rested. Delight is feeling energised all day at work. Delight is noticing that you're feeling, moving and performing better at home, at work, at life. More confident, more MOTIVATED, stronger, happier. Yes, happier. 

Perform better includes: 

Strength work for men and women:
same enduring benefits,
from body comp to bone health
  • get stronger
  • improve body composition (building muscle, trimming fat)
  • reduce/eliminate pain
  • get faster
  • improve vision, balance, spidey senses
OWN THYSELF There are no secrets. You will learn the techniques to keep testing and assessing yourself when you get home so you can tune yourself over time. 

Services Offered
As a coach, i'm here to help YOU tune your practice, as you need it when you need it. As an instructor, i help you or your group gain the knowledge you may need to tune your performance, from understanding nutrition to learning movement to improve cognitive performance.

Individual Coaching, Online or In Person
I see people in person, in Southampton, UK and at workshops/seminars nationally and internationally.

I also see folks nationally and internationally via Skype/WebCam and email for INDIVIDUALISED approaches - where you learn what works for you, now. 
mc with the 24kg kb press
  • Movement Assessments - in person or online
    • Reducing/eliminating pain: tried everything else? active neural approaches will surprise - and delight - you.
    • improving performance: plateau breaking; speed and cognitive improvements. 
  • Nutrition Coaching/Support 
    • Do you know how to eat for YOU to burn fat/build muscle?
    • Do you know how to assess what nutrition approach works for you RIGHT NOW?
    • Get the support you need to make the progress you want.
    • Learn about what works for you to burn fat/add muscle and SUSTAIN that progress for the rest of your life
  • Strength Coaching:  Building strength is a fundamental component of total brain/body fitness. From bodyweight to barbells, let's find the path that works for you. 
  • Seminars/Workshops
    • Have a group that wants to learn about how to make tweaks to your eating or strength programs or approaches to movement to make better gains faster and in a lasting way?
Group Seminars/Workshops
If you have a group at work or elsewhere and you'd like a seminar or workshop on how to incorporate movement, nutrition, health, vision at work, let's talk. If you're a member of a sports club and would like a workshop on how to improve your team's endurance for the final quarter, or get better field interaction, or improve sprinting times, running or on bikes or cross country skies, let's talk. Other Topics include:
  • mobility, vision, balance
    Stop start play: great for agility,
    movement, vision, balance, well rounded athleticism.
    Fun also burns fat better: it's true!
  • applying movement, vision and balance to sport
  • Making Kettlebell Training more Effective and Efficient with somato-sensory integration - here's an example overview of such a workshop
  • applying movement, vision and balance to critical first responder situations
  • Nutrition for Cognitive Performance - creative folks working at desks and the role of food for wit
  • Speed Work for Desk Jockeys: improve performance edge with speed drills and little space - no kidding. 
  • and more
  • Please contact me if you'd like to host such a seminar or workshop
Instructor Reviews 
Reviews collected since 2008 are posted here. If you'd like to add a review, please post one in the comments section of the page.

If you're a full time: registered student, military, cop, nurse or full time amateur unsponsored athlete, there are discounts available. Please email b2d @

BITCOINS and Paypal accepted.
New clients seen on a limited basis.

I hold an interdisciplinary PhD, am a certified engineer (c.eng) and am a professor of computer science and human performance, u of southampton  and from time to time at MIT, both where i do research into design to support wellbeing, creativity and human performance.

I hold the
Z-Health neural movement coach master trainer certification,
the National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist CSCS
Precision Nutrition Level 1 and Leve 2 certified nutrition coaching and various other kettlebell certifications

Cut to the chase: if you'd like to talk about working together, email me at b2d at the-mind dot com

Look forward to hearing from you.
dr. m.c.,
  b2d at the-mind dot com


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