Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Exercise doesn't work - without diet - really

Most of us have said to folks wanting to lose fat that exercise alone doesn't cut it: you need to check your diet, too. In case you said it, but your heart wasn't in it, you now have some pretty solid evidence to support your testimony.

Read the article (and related work) yourself - it's worth it - but the bottom line result is that

  • over 12 weeks of HARD training of previously sedentary people with no dietary intervention, these folks lost one pound of fat only and gained one pound of lean mass.
  • folks who worked out and followed a nutrition plan (in this case precision nutrition) for 16 weeks had a 10 fold improvement in their results compared to this study's population (1.4 pounds of fat loss per week, say, compared with 1 over twelve weeks).

There have also been results to show that being sure to take on a post workout drink also improved fat loss via exercise. So eating right combined with health means results. As the above article puts it, "incorporating nutrition isn't a 'nice to have,' it's a 'need to have.'"

If you're looking for suggestions on effective eating, either for yourself or your clients, you can check out the whole precision nutrition approach for free in the following pdf.

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