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These reviews start in May 2008 and run to the present. These ones are taken from my RKC II instructor page at Dragon Door up until well, now.

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Great things come in small packages     Rated 10 out of 10
DO NOT let MC's petite frame fool you! She is a fierce and intense kettlebell athlete and coach with the intelligence to match her physical prowess.

I was her training partner on the last day of the CK FMS, and let me assure you (as a seasoned Brazilian JiuJitsu, JKD, Savate, and RKC Instructor) that her coaching style is extremely motivating, accompanied with a keen and precise eye.

Once you train with her, be forewarned that she absolutely WILL NOT LET YOU FAIL!! She will coach you to where you are MEANT to go: no more no less! She embodies "firm but fair."

And she does it all with the same "tough love" that some of the most experienced RKC's are famous for.

She is a young RKC, but let me assure you: The Mark of MC has yet to be made...
Rolando Garcia, III - NJ
Informative, motivating and thorough     Rated 10 out of 10
I saw MC after concerns about some nuisance aches I had and to refine my KB skills.

I was assessed using the FMS framework and some very interesting information came to light which enabled us to devise a plan so that I could move forward and reach my ache free movement.

We discussed my short and longer term goals and devised a plan of how to steadily progress.

MC helped my clarify what I needed to do and gave me lots of great advice on my training and refined my KB movements to get more out of it.

Very informative and in depth PT session.

Martin - Kent, UK
Results!     Rated 10 out of 10
I strongly recommend mc as an instructor, whether you are new to kettlebells and fitness training in general or have years of experience.

Over the last two weeks I have had the privilege to work with mc and I am pleased to say that in that short space of time I have been able to resolve some issues that university podiatry departments could not. I have almost 20 years of martial arts experience, have been training the kettlbells for over 8 years and am an RKC myself (but this is not about me), so if I can improve by working with mc I am sure you can too.

Mc has more than an RKC in her quiver, she is also a z-health trainer and is training with Bret Jones and Gary Cook to be a certified kettlebell-functional movement specialist (CK-FMS). Mc knows how to pull theses skills together to give the best to her client.

On top of all that she is friendly, approachable and a pleasure to work with.

Suleiman Al-Sabah PhD, RKC - Reading, UK
Excellent Advice     Rated 10 out of 10
Just wanted to leave a short note to say how impressed i am with MC. I had a muscular postural problem that i posted on the DD forum and got the usual responses but MC seemed to take a longer look at the problem and suggested to do some Z health work, and it has made a world of difference. My only regret is that MC is in England and i am in Los Angeles, i would love to do some work with her, cant recommend her enough.
Paul Steele M.Ed. CSCS - Los Angeles, Ca. USA
Thorough and Professional     Rated 10 out of 10
Very thorough and professional sessions. Went for more of a tune up than any specific problem, and in addition to that worked on several minor adjustments to improve on areas that she noticed were lagging for whatever reason. Detailed but simple to follow instructions and always happy to work with specific queries, even if the area targeted needs no particular attention and you just want to keep it in good shape.
Like most things in sports it's the little things that count and mc really helps you hone in on the tiny adjustments that will egde your performance to that next level. No hesitation in recommending sessions with her to anyone.
Dan - Surrey, England
Instant results from mobility training     Rated 10 out of 10
I had the pleasure of attending an introductory workshop by mc covering joint mobility, bodyweight exercises/routines, kettlebell basics and quick nutrition. After the joint mobility session, I was feeling super already. It was simply amazing. When I came to the workshop I was feeling tense in my shoulders and upper back. This was happening since quite sometime and I was ignoring it. After doing the mobility exercises I felt as if my shoulders and upper back were all worked up. Then just after 10 minutes the tense feeling was gone completely. It was as I had received a relaxing back massage! Great learning, I loved it and hope to put it in practice immediately. Thanks for this extremely useful workshop.
Mustafa I Ali, Student - Southampton, UK
Effective, well-rounded teaching - fantastic!     Rated 10 out of 10
Like Mustafa (see above review), I was delighted to attend mc's introductory workshop, covering joint mobility, bodyweight exercises, kettlebells and nutrition (talk about broad coverage!).

mc did a fantastic job of delivering a lot of info without overwhelming us. She clearly knows what she's doing, and is a great teacher - always positive and encouraging, and great at pushing us on just the right amount (which includes knowing when to tell us to take a break!). Recommended.
Clare Owens - Southampton, UK
From a lesson to a joyful game     Rated 10 out of 10
I attended MC workshop with hope that I would be able to learn some effective ways for relaxing when I have to sit almost all day in the office. Surprisingly, not only movements to become fit but also joyful and fun movements could be retrieved under her guidance. It is really amazing experience.
Hung Nguyen - Southampton, UK
From the smallest bone and joint to your body...     Rated 10 out of 10
She's so energetic and proactive person. Her workshop is outstanding!!! Starting with your smallest bone and joint till all your body, until it is completely alive, again. I'm looking forward for the next session.
Alberto - Southampton, UK
Cor blimey!     Rated 10 out of 10
mc took a bunch of us through a kettlebell workout yesterday and I can tell she did a great job because my whole body is feeling thoroughly exercised today! It's certainly shaken all the cobwebs loose!
Rob Maunder - Southampton, UK

Outstanding     Rated 10 out of 10
She is such a skilled, helpfully and direct trainer. If you got any problems or questions about movements, joints or muscles, she knows within seconds what to do and how to cure it.

She teaches in a way that it's easy to follow and to understand while being VERY effective.

It's such a pleasure to get teached by her - on the one hand you learn so much things and can improve way more then you could imagine and on the other hand she has such a kind character, that you keep your happy face when you work really had.

In short: outstanding instructor!
Sven - Hamburg, Germany
Our team leader's assistant in RKC course.     Rated 10 out of 10
I has been very lucky, MC have been one of the assistant of our team leader Sara Cheatam in the RKC certification course in Denmark.
Everything would have been a lot harder without MC encouraging us and giving useful tips and advice (and of course without the huge amount of chalk she was ready to provide us in every moment)!!! :)

I would love to have MC as a Kettlebell instructor!

Lorenzo Di Maio, RKC - Florence, Italy

voto 10     Rated 10 out of 10
grazie mc x tutto quello che hai fatto x noi!spero di rivederti all'rkc 2.
vincenzo bucceri - firenze (italy)

grazie MC     Rated 10 out of 10
mc stata veramente brava in tutto il corso, ci ha seguiti con passione e dedizione......
sempre pronta ad aiutarci in ogni momento.....
un ottima assistente!!!!!
grazie infinite MC
Cristiano Fallai - florence , italy

THANK YOU!!!!!!     Rated 10 out of 10
just one of the best R.K.C. instructor that someone can find in his life!!!!!!!!

thank you!!!!!
R.K.C. Bernardo Coresi - Firenze

Beneficial Function Movement Screen     Rated 10 out of 10
I went to MC for an FMS as I have been suffering from a repetitive lower back injury and an intermittent shoulder injury. MC diagnosed that I did not have sufficient mobility in my ankles and hips which was causing the lower back issues. Also the shoulder injury was potentially aggravated by lack of thoracic spine mobility.

MC gave me a set of mobility drills to do and after we had run through them we reassessed some of my movements. I am pleased to say that my overhead squat improved (I got below parallel for the first time ever!) and my natural walk looked a lot smoother.

I would recommend an FMS to any athlete and MC did an outstanding job of taking me through it.
Adam Cooper - Shrivenham, UK

simple and effective     Rated 10 out of 10
Had a mobility and KB tune session. First up, I walked down a corridor. From that initial assesment, mc was able to identify what needed tweaking. She then went through some Z health drills, toe pulls, hip circles, ankle tilts etc. Walked the corridor again. Much more fluid in movement. Has to be experienced to be believed.

Anyone that is self taught or had previous KB tution, it is a good idea to have a tune up session. mc is as good as they come for spotting and correcting errors in your form. (like I had)

If you want to improve your mobility and KB form go and see mc.
To train with the best you have to make the effort, 300 mile round trip for me. It was worth it.
Jason - Leicester England

MC Knows her stuff and how to use it     Rated 10 out of 10
I have had ongoing hip issues for something like 15 years. MC was able to very quickly help get to the root of the issue (ankle injury to the opposing side of the bad hip) and suggest a variety of Z drills to help ease that ankle of out being locked up, which has helped unlock the hip. She was also able to suggest drills that would help reinforce the ART treatments I was receiving on that hip, which also helped tremendously to speed my recovery. The best thing about MC is that she is able to explain the why as well as the how, which for an engineer like me, is critical to understanding how to improve things. I greatly appreciate all the assistance she has provided in getting me back to where I want to be.
James (JAG) - Arlington, VA USA

MC is a great coach!!!!     Rated 10 out of 10
I just had the pleasure of working with MC at a Z Health course in AZ this past week. Wow, I have met a handful of really bright people in this industry, and I must say, MC is at the very top of the list. She is technical, patient, thorough and wise. She had really helped me look inside myself to discover ways to better channel my energy for business and my wellness alike. Thank you MC for the great experience!

- Jason Dolby -
Assistant Instructor IKFF, Z Health R,I,S,9S, RKC, AKC, NASM CPT, MBG CNT, ART (Lower Extremity)
Jason Dolby - Manhattan Beach, CA, USA

My favorite teacher!!     Rated 10 out of 10
Mc is worth as gold as weighs! Its help, its suggestions and suggestions are revealed fundamental to allow to become me RKC. Also today, to months of distance from the certification, she continuous to monitoring my progress. Thanks it is a word that doesn't fully understand all of this that I owe her as instructor. Thanks MC
Fabio FOGATO - Turin, Italy

mc - a super coach with brains and bells!     Rated 10 out of 10
Recently i had the pleasure of meeting and training with mc, we have spoken in the past but this was a first meet up for us. I collected her from darkest Clapham and we headed off for a Z health and kettlebells workshop.....

Dont let the petite stature fool you! mc is loaded with first class and beneficial knowledge for everyone and she can also walk the talk as shown by her fluidity with a 16kg. Her knowledge is vast, practical and delivered in a very coherent and friendly manner.

If you get a chance to train with her jump at it! Within just one hour we covered several mobility drills that sell themselves in terms of helping functional movement and promoting good mechanics.

Combining this knowledge with kettlebell movement patterns seemed unique but was much appreciated because of the direct application to what we do in the Academy.

Stephen Aish
Training Director
London Kettlebells
Stephen Aish - London

Z-Heath/Kettlebell workshop     Rated 10 out of 10
I recently had the pleasure of attending mc's introductory Z-Health/Kettlebell workshop in London. She is clearly very knowledgeable, and presented the material in a very lucid and enthusiastic style. She kept everyone's attention througout, and made the whole thing interesting. She clearly loves her work!
She introduced some Z-Health concepts to the performing of kettlebell swings and TGU which I found very useful. My TGU will never be the same again, thanks mc!
Steve - Nottingham, UK

Z-Health/Kettlebell Workshop     Rated 10 out of 10
I recently attended the Z-Health/Kettlebell Workshop in London taught by mc. I knew a bit about Z-Health and have been working with kettlebells for a couple of years and I was very intrigued and excited by the possibilities of putting these two bodies of knowledge together. The workshop fulfilled all of my expectations, and opened up my eyes to many new possibilities related to movement and strength. A workshop of this type tends to bring out attendees that are fairly knowledgeable and skilled in areas of physical fitness and mc delivered the material at the perfect level for such an audience. I was really looking to grasp the detail associated with the different joint and muscle movements, how they were integrated with the kettlebell movements, and their effect on the body as a whole. Mc's descriptions were clear and precise. I was really surprised how, under mc's instructions, that such basic kettlebell movements such as the swing and squat could have such a different and beneficial effect when performed according to her precise instructions. For me, her instructions for performing the Turkish get up were a real highlight. Every small movement was broken down and explained in such a precise manner. It has completely transformed how I do this exercise, and the benefits that I am getting from it. Mc's instruction really brought this course to life and made the material immediately effective. She deeply understands the way the body works and how to demonstrate and communicate it to others. If you ever have a chance to take a course from her, don't let it pass you by. The benefits will be with you for a long time.
Steve - Bristol

Z health / KB workshop     Rated 10 out of 10
I recently attended the 1st Z health workshop in London with MC and it was fantastic. Such an eye opening day which will change the way I train myself and my clients from now on. Her teaching methods were clear and precise which allowed me to keep focused all day without feeling bocked down with technical information. The adjustments to my swing and TGU in such a short space of time have been dramatic. I would recommend anyone to go on a course instructed by MC!
Gareth Keeping - Lymington, England

an excellent teacher with a great breadth of knowledge     Rated 10 out of 10
On Sunday mc took a seminar, hosted by Rannoch Donald RKC, on The Perfect Rep, applying Zhealth to Hard Style Kettlebell moves. It was a fascinating session that I review here :

you can tell that mc is an academic - she teaches well and is able to explain well the concepts that she presents. She also has a very wide knowledge base from which to work. I learned a lot of things on Sunday and am still digesting the teaching and have come up with things I am applying to my training straight away.

If you get a chance to be taught by mc, jump at it!
Chris Highcock - Edinburgh Scotland

It's All In The Eyes     Rated 10 out of 10
Attended one of MCs ZKB workshops where MC spoke on the neurological system (explaining that the body is either in a Threat/No Threat state) proprioception, mechanoreceptors and eye movement. A variety of KB moves were shown to reinforce these points. I attended this workshop with two goals - 1. to developing my own training and mobility, 2. more importantly, as a PT, to transfer these skills onto my clients. Since attending the workshop I have now introduced the mobility drills taught by MC into my clients sessions and one has already commented on how 'free' he is feeling. MC clearly has the knowledge and passion for this and delivered the workshop in such a manner that we all understood what was being said. She certainly has me intrigued and I intend to attend further Z-Health training. If you can I strongly recommend that you too attend one of MCs ZKB workshops.
Gerry, bondfitness - Central Scotland

Instant Results - Believe it!     Rated 10 out of 10
I attended MC's course in Late November 2009.

This lady has a treasure trove of useful material that will work for athletes, wanna be athletes or people that just want to feel better and eliminate aches and pains and niggling injuries.

MC initially took us through the context of what z health is..
Then led us through various Z exercises opening up joints from the ground upwards.
These exercises are relaxing... and because of the nature of Z health the effect they have is immediate!.

I had a injury that was bothering me for over a year.
After doing the drills you talked us through, I hit pretty much managed full flexibility stretching that area (during the class) and said injury hasn't bothered me since :).

And after the wall squat/swing i have felt a world of difference in the different muscle groups by implementing the quick wins in what you've shown me.
For those things that need complete change of habits such as changes in leverages it will take a little more time ...but after your instruction during the seminar I have every confidence that I will get there.

many thanks again
Jamie Fenton - Edinburgh, Scotland

Great advice on injury rehab     Rated 10 out of 10
Having read some stuff on FMS and Z Health I was really pleased to see that there was someone local to me who was qualified. The exercises and drills mc has given me have already done great things for a 'year old' achilles injury that wouldn't heal - I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel! As for my back injury, I have lived with this for years and just come to terms with having it but mc's positive attitude towards rehabing it has given me hope and a structured plan of how to achieve a healthy back (and a pain free deadlift!). The most impressive thing about mc is her ability to spot the smallest technique errors which most trainers don't see which make a big difference to long term performance.
Matt Draper - Southampton, UK

The Perfect Rep - Edinburgh     Rated 10 out of 10
"The only time I understand Z-Health is when mc explains it."

Such were the words that brought me to mc's Edinburgh course - The Perfect Rep - and I can only say that I am now whole-heartedly in agreement. No manic grinning a la the DVDs, no evangelising, nothing taken as read without clear questioning. Just explanation given in a clear, technical and frequently humourous manner.

Great course mc, it's just a shame that all the Z trainer courses (and in fact, the trainers themselves) are so far away.
Jez Davis - Saltburn-by-the-Sea, UK

Z-Health for battered martial artist     Rated 10 out of 10
Z-Health for battered martial artist

I am a martial arts veteran of 25 years hard training looking to do another 25 hard years training. Alas my body has accumulated many injuries and wear and tear.

After a full z health screen with MC I believe that I can reconstruct my body and skills.

MC was very knowledgeable and was able to answer many questions I had (i had a lot of questions her knowledge was boarder then just z health)

I will be working my way towards I phase as this can only enhance my existing fight skills

Prior to this I knew nothing about zhealth I would now definitely recommend MC to any of my students


Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas - Portsmouth,UK

Willing to give of her expertise     Rated 10 out of 10
MC has been instrumental in my recovery from an injury and has always been willing to give of her time and knowledge which is of the highest education. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
Paul Steele M.Ed. CSCS Z practitioner - Simi Valley, Ca. USA

Great Mind......Great Coach.......TOTAL RESULTS     Rated 10 out of 10
It is rare to come across people in the fitness industry that actually prefer to rely on objective measurable results as the baseline for their training methods. MC is one of these coaches. Not only is she incredibly well studied in Anatomy, Physiology, Neurology and the Sciences, she is one of the rare academics who actually applies what she learns. I have had the opportunity to take several RKC courses with MC and she has always impressed me with her hunger for knowledge and her eagerness to help others achieve their goals.

As a full time strength coach and business owner I am refreshed and grateful to know that people like MC keep pushing the academic and athletic envelope so that we all can benefit from their research and development of better ways to do things. Today I had the privilege of doing a video training session over the internet and within 30 minutes she was able to evaluate my mobility and movement issues and completely was able to take the pain away from both of my shoulders. To say I am impressed is an understatement. I will continue to have MC help me with my movement issues and will always go to her for help.

My advice: Hire MC and let her help you move better, feel better and achieve your athletic movement goals! Thank you MC!
Franz Snideman RKC TL - San Diego, CA

Taken Years Off Me!     Rated 10 out of 10
A few weeks ago when I got out of bed I felt more like 96 than 36 years old. I had pains in my knees recently aquired from my own brand of goblet squats; A two year shoulder injury that effected me when I wanted to press overhead (not ideal then when training for ROP); A lower back discomfort that had been there in the background for as long as I can remember - I hate to think of myself as having a chronic condition, but more and more thats what it was turning into. Along with an overall feeling of stiffness, feeling weak and being at least 40lbs overweight it wasn't really where I wanted to be.

I decided to make an investment in my health and my future and turned to mc. It has turned out to be a very good move. mc is very knowledgeable, very professional and generous with her time. After my first session she had improved my toe touch by about 6" and relieved the pain in my knees and back. Since our 2nd session my shoulder pain has gone and overall I feel and move better than I have in quite some time. The difference is truely remarkable.

I still have some way to go to be at my best physically, but I'm sticking with mc's guidence. You should do yourself a favour and do the same.
Colin Mcilhinney - Larne, Northern Ireland

Quality begets quality     Rated 10 out of 10
I have had the pleasure of watching MC grow as an RKC instructor.
From CK-FMS to RKC II, she continues to amaze me with the
depth of her knowledge, sharp mind, keen eye for detail, willingness to put herself out there and most importantly her insightful coaching. If you want results, I highly recommend you seek out her expertise as an instructor.

Andrea Du Cane, Master RKC - St Paul, MN

Instant Results !     Rated 10 out of 10
I did a tune-up sesion with MC over a webcam to help me prepare for the HKC. I also had some mobility issues following a shoulder injury.

Within minutes she had identified some issues and the KB and mobility drills we did gave immediate benefits.

She was able to clearly explain the underlying concepts and her positive and encouraging attitude was awesome.

The session was the most productive time I've spent in years.

Cant recommend highly enough !
Andy - Cumbria, UK

Having just completed the HKC in Southampton and now having had time to reflect I would like coment on the following; This was the first time HKC has come to the UK, this was a truely outstanding day from the very start to the goodbye at the end of the day. MC was there to meet and greet every one and this was a great way to start the course. The setting was good and although MC had no control over the weather this was great too. Along with all the other Instructors this was a great day organised by MC. MC had time for everyone and was very good.

Thanks for a great introduction to HKC.
Phill Hunt - Coventry UK

A trip to the HKC.     Rated 10 out of 10
After hearing about the first HKC in the UK, I literally jumped at the opportunity to attend. Having trained for 1 year and a half with kettlebells, one year of that under the direction of an RKC, I thought that having the experience and the knowledge to be able to correct not only my form, but others as well, would be a great idea to help prepare me for the possibility of a career in the RAF. The physical exercise being the obvious, but along side that being able to lead a client and decide for them the best possible way to achieve their goals.

Before I even met MC, she was in contact with me through email, giving me information about the day, what I will need to bring and what not, along with how to get there and where I could stay if I needed an over night stop (which I did).

On the 6th of June I met MC at the field where the HKC was held, upon greeting her she shook my hand, to my surprise she had a grip of steel, (that's what high repetition snatches do for you!) and to let you know I train grip along with nail bending and I thought I had a tough grip.

During the day MC would observe my performance and would recommend correcting this or that, passing on her vast knowledge onto myself. Be it demonstrating one of the movements or corrective moves she showed excellent charisma and professionalism, then observing with patience began correcting or congratulating on the technique in question. I observed her moving round the group passing on her knowledge, expressing that she has a very good perception of what needs correcting and what doesn't. This also shows she is very capable of working with many different types of people.

On that note MC is highly recommended, as an RKC but also as someone with knowledge about the fitness industry, you can find a lot of information from her blog at:

To end this note, I will never forget that handshake.
The Annihilator - Nottinghamshire UK

HKC - Southamton. June 2010     Rated 10 out of 10
I had the priviledge or meeting MC at the HKC course in Southampton.
I found her attention to detail above and beyond anything I had experienced before.
MC's vast knowledge of movement and kinesiology was invaluable in applying corrective exercises and perfecting a 'victim's' form.

Her passion for kettlebells and her personal interest in ensuring perfect technique for an exercise was very refreshing.

Being critiqued and examined by MC on the KB one-arm swing, TGU and goblet squat was daunting but due to her eagle eye my abs are now braced on every swing and my get up is no more 'a bit wimpy':-)

Thanks MC!

Damien McErlean - Belfast, Ireland

Thanks MC     Rated 10 out of 10
I would just like to say thanks to MC for the support she gave us all at the HKC in Southampton. I was very nervous about coming as I do not have a sporting or training background. Alongside that I walked in and found I was the only woman doing the course (a little, middle aged one too).
However MC was great, she was really welcoming and very positive. Her advice was informative and really improved my form. She encouraged when I needed it but stopped to correct when I needed to.

I had a great day and learnt a lot. Thanks MC
Chris Skeats - Nottingham UK

MC The globetrotting all in one coach .     Rated 10 out of 10
I was talking with some USAF Academy cadets last year about kettlebells and dragondoor.They mentioned that they enjoy reading all of MC'S post.Little did I know then, that I would meet her in a few weeks and would be training with her and still do.MC brings alot of impressive creditionals with her [RKC 2,Zhealth,CK-FMS,to name a few] .She is also very informed on strength, conditioning has an eye for coaching and is able to communicate that to the clients very well.MC would be a wise selection for a QUALITY all in one coach.
Bob Ross RKC - Flagstaff AZ.

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