Monday, July 13, 2009

A Minute with Mike: BCAA's, Leucine, or Plain Old Whey - does it make a difference?

At the recent Z-Health 9S: Sustenance course, i had the chance to sit down with Mike T. Nelson, PhD in Kinesiology candidate and Z-Health Master Trainer about a bunch of topics mythologized in nutrition training.

In this of what we both hope will be only the first of an ongoing series of exchanges, b2d presents A Minute with Mike.

Today's topic, based on a consideration of all the research Mike's been looking at, and it's oh, a lot,, is what's the best protein source in recovery:

  • bcaa's
  • leucine
  • good ol' whey protein

Mike's results came as a kinda myth-busting surprise. So without further ado, here's Mike:

In th next Minute with Mike: recovery window, real, fiction or something in between?

Check out Mike's new site,


Georgie Fear, RD, CPT said...

nice job, both of you!

Hopefully one day I get to meet you both, after so many fine e-conversations :)


Mike T Nelson said...

Thanks MC for the great interview! I have a link up to it on my blog too.

I hope to meet you soon too soon to be Dr. Fear.

Rock on
Mike T Nelson
Extreme Human Performance


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