Friday, March 26, 2010

Windmill/Press 100's - volume that works ya.

Ever have what you think will be a wee workout take you by surprise? That's what happened to me with a humble combo of see saw presses and windmills. 10 walking see saw presses with my light kb's, followed by 10 windmills each side, without letting go of the bells, or pausing but to swap sides on the windmills. To be clear:
  • 1 set of ten, walking see-saw presses
  • 1 set of ten, windmills with both bells one side
  • 1 set of ten, windmills, with both bells, other side
  • put the bells down
  • shake it off
  • breath
  • repeat 10 times
Just to clarify what windmills, with both bells means: one bell is up and pressed, the other is down with hand reaching for the ground to be really explicit:
  • from the see-saw, both bells, back to the rack
  • one arm avec one bell is extended down
  • the other presses up
  • align feet for windmill in opposite direction of up arm as per usual
  • kick out hip in the up arm direction
  • descend until bottom of bell of lowered arm makes contact with ground
  • c'mon back up to standing
  • go on back down.
  • for me ten times was my happy place.
  • after ten, bring bells to the rack,
  • swap sides for windmilling to the opposite side
  • do the ten for that side
  • after ten come back to the rack
  • from rack, park the bells
  • shake it out, recovery, rinse, repeat
the photo on the right is for illustration purposes only:
get that hip back, mike, lock out that pressing elbow

Windmill Fever. I have not done this many consecutive windmills before, and i don't think i've done this many sea-saws before (i'm not sure there were this many in the 2008 grad workout). And i felt this - a sense of having really worked my shoulders, moved my hips and adductors, and, why is this a surprise but it is, my obliques.

And i feel a wee bit cooked. Neural motor adaptations is a wonderful thing.

You may wonder why this particular combination?

One of the cool things about going to various events in one's space is meeting folks. At the RKC II i was surprised to see Dan John whom i'd not met before. We got talking about my quest to press the beast, and his advice was to press. A lot. Indeed, his view is that gals need to press more to press big. One of his suggestions was mixing up windmills with sea-saws for one of the press days. I'm not sure if the above is what he had in mind, but it feels pretty good.

Light Bells Rejuvenated. So if anyone thinks their light bells have run out of gas, i'd suggest giving a highish volume workout like this a go. Especially the windmills in volume - who'd have thought?

And as part of that beast challenge quest, i've been mixing in pistols and pull ups - lots of each, even if high volume means box pistols (barely touch down) and band assisted pull ups to get my 50-100 in.

Reminder, too, RKC Master Trainer Andrea du Cane (shown left with model form) of the Kettlebell Goddess workout & ruler of the Windmill, will be in Southampton, UK June 6 to lead the first UK HKC kettlebell certification (more info here)
Hope to see ya there.


Unknown said...

Tried a similar combo a few years ago. Foolishly and on impulse, as we had a kb trainer visiting the gym. Completely destroyed me.

dr. m.c. said...

thanks for letting me know of your experience.

glad to know it's shared.

hope you've recovered ??


Unknown said...

Nope, still sore...

It was interesting to be humbled though. I have a few clients doing KB training so it was fruitful knowing a little more from that point of view. KBs require a different kind of strength and endurance vs weight training that's for damn sure.

Unknown said...

mc--thanks for reply---great stuff! Brian

dbt1959 said...

Great combination mc. I frequently do both in a workout, but usually with some thing or two in between. Gonna try this on Sunday. I feel a good smoking coming on . . .

dr. m.c. said...

i can only say i feel this suite in good ways the day after. really nice.
and able to do 5*5 double rtk pressing ladders the next day too. lower back in particular, which is nice.

different muscles; complementary. nice.

that dan john must be a clever guy, eh?

really. never ever thought a windmill would be a goodie, but it feels like a keeper.

best with your workout, dbt1959



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