Monday, June 16, 2008

RKC Denmark 2008 Grad Workout: Digging, Sir

Thank you to Team Lead Will Williams of Team Will for posting these two vids of the RKC Denmark 2008 certification. They likely don't mean much except for the folks who were there, but i'm linking them in as a reference point. I've written about the RKC certification experience and why it's more than the sum of its parts elsewhere.

Words to live by at 6:04 in the first vid above, here.

And, just for the record, this wasn't part of the grad workout, but it was doing a version of the SSST using highpulls instead of snatches

By the way, it's rather all this RKC blogging that inspired this blog:
here's the original header for Begin To Dig:
this blog is a quiet or personal Quality of Life reflection from and
It is inspired by the surrealism of "begin to drill" and the encouragement of "i know it's inside you, you just have to dig it out" from the RKC Denmark 08 grad workout (check vid at 6:05 to 6:14)

Digging, sir.

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