Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brain Health Workouts for Elder Rejuvination: Posit Science

If you have a person in your life/family who's saying they're feeling a little less sharp, whether hearing things a little less clearly, or processing information a little less slowly, their may be an easy effective way to sharpen up the senses - literally. It's work (embodied in software) by a group at Posit Science (and it's on sale this week).

B2Diggers have heard me write about the Brain That Changes Itself many times. Well, Posit Science is the company founded by one of the authors featured in that book, Michael Merzenich. He's done work on so many ways to understand neural plasticity - how the brain maps and remaps skills onto our neural nets. That we know we are plastic people is in large part down to his founding work.

The software coming from this group is the stuff that has been peer reviewed to deliver what's on the tin. Other brain game nintendo-esque things have not.

I have personally purchased this group's software for elderly family members and been amazed at their response to it. They find the software "more fun than playing solitaire" and they are enpowered refining their neural plastic skills at audio processing, vision, and comprehension. Someone for instance may think they're going deaf and it turns out they're weak in skills they need for sound disambiguation. Skills can be trained. The software makes it easy. ANd this suff works so well because it is tapping skills development to recover cognitive function. THere's a test online a person can take to see what their neurological age is, too, so they can bench mark what a 10-20 year recovery of function would look like.

Please please, if you have elders in your life who you are experiencing as verging on what might colloquially be called "losing it" - please check out this software.

I'll tell you right up front that the software is not shareware priced, but it's (in some cases less than ) half the price of Photoshop or Microsoft Office retail. When you consider that the software has been demonstrated to gain back 10-20 years of cognitive function, the price of the software against potentially decades more independent living is trivial, is it not?

I strongly recommend the Brain Fitness program in particular.
(that's my affiliate link if you care to use it - but i wouldn't be recommending this stuff if it didn't deliver beyond expectation)

Dr. Merzenich TED Talk

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