Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sleep: (should be) the new fitness craze

Sleep - the final frontier
If we have our workout program dialed in, and our eating dialed in, what's left? Sleep? We log our workouts; we watch our eating. Do we think much about our sleep?

For athletes we know how important sleep is for recovery. Body builders know how critical it is for muscle building. But most of us barely have sleep in our field of view, other than to say we're too busy to get enough. And way way too many world leaders and health professionals work sleep deprived

How did you sleep, a partner might ask? Ya, ok. Or not. And that's it. If the question comes up.

Sleep Work Outs? So, just like we might say we need to get in shape and develop a program to achieve that goal, or likewise get a plan to eat better, how many of us get a strategy to sleep better?

Later this week i'll be chatting with Stephan Fabregas of myZeo about sleep and what sleep is, and some wild thoughts around how sleeping is an evolutionary strategy.

In the meantime, what's your experience with sleep? Do you sleep well? If not have you thought about formally getting a better sleeping strategy?

Keep it Dark: Here's one thing i've been finding- my room is not dark all night: there's light leak through the windows. As an experiment i've been using an eye mask that folks use to sleep in the daylight. And guess what? sleeping more through the night.

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Michael George said...

Did you read this post of Dan John about sleep:

. . . Years ago, after reading “Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival” by T. S. Wiley, I came away with the courage to do a famous experiment on myself: I would try to sleep up to twelve hours a day for a week. The body fat dripped off of me that week and I had to force myself to eat. To prepare myself for this article, I decided to follow that path again. As I am typing this, I am coming off a 12 hour snooze. Yesterday, I only got nine hours sleep, but I was able to sneak in a three hour nap in the afternoon. . . .

. . That’s less than I weighed when I finished the Velocity Diet. On the VD, I ate nothing, but enjoyed six shakes a day. On this diet, I lay around in bed. You decide which one is easier.


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