Thursday, February 4, 2010

Real People Losing Real Weight in Real Time: Update

Back in december i did two short pieces about real world fat loss. The first one is about what real world, consistent, effective, sane, healthful and nutritionally appropriate fat loss and strength gain looks like. The second one is about how important some kind of support system is for optimizing success in getting a handle on consistent weight loss.

6 months. These pieces were inspired by the folks who had just finished Precision Nutritions 6 month program called the Lean Eating Challenge. 6 months. Not 12 weeks, not 16 weeks, but 6 months. Half a year to develop and practice nutrition and strength habits to achieve one's body comp, health and fitness goals sanely, safely, with habits to last a life time.

So i thought b2d readers might be interested to see both the winners of this real world challenge, and see the runners up as well. Here ya go: Lean Eating Challenge Results

Congratulations to all.

If you're interested in the Lean Eating challenge, it's a great great program. Folks get so much daily guidance and support in such a reasonable, effective way, it's awesome - i'll detail it more in a future post. In the meantime, here's a previous discussion (check the comments). Right now (Feb 2010) you may want to put your name on the list for the next time the program will be run (June 2010).

In the meantime, if you're looking for a similarly sane foundation to develop your own nutrition/fitness/body comp, please do take a look at Precision Nutrition (here's a detailed review, too).

Folks who read b2d know that i find PN to be a great program to learn about nutrition and how to get a handle on it for oneself. Most particularly, i think access to the forum alone is worth the price of admission. If you want to learn about nutrition and how to tune that knowledge for your body comp/health goals, i've yet to discover or be introduced to a better resource.

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