Sunday, February 21, 2010

begin2dig joins the 21st century: facebook and twitter

Having struggled with how to do facebook, and having wrestled with frustrating my non-fitness geek colleagues on twitter with all this wellbeing info stuff, i have, in reading a wee ebook called "crush it" learned that i can clear the field for better communication(thanks miketnelson for the pointer).

So to connect better, learn more, share our good STUFF:
The current icon for these sites is just below.
duh? duh.
i hope (really, i do) that you'll consider adding these links to your rich social networking space.

A goodly number of folks come through b2d daily, and thank you! but i hear from few of y'all in the comments.

Comments i know take time - so i hope you'll consider that FB and Twitter may facilitate faster contact.

And of course you can still connect with b2d via RSS feed and via Email for instant updated as soon as a new blog post is published.

AND to those who put their faces right out there on this site to say they Grok B2D, wow, thank you. Glad you're here.

Thanks again for stopping by & taking time to have b2d info as part of your infosphere


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