Sunday, January 10, 2010

So you think you're tough enough? Women's 24kg snatch for 120reps

So i'm gamely preparing for the new RKC five minute snatch test of 100 reps in five minutes with (for women) a 16kg kettlebell. And then Coach Hauer pointed out this performance of Russian Kseniya Dedyukhina who's 2kg lighter than me doing 120 reps with a 24kg in 10mins, one hand switch.

The fun thing is to watch when all the other competitors leave the floor.

So while 120 with a 24 is not a casual affair for gals - yet - it speaks volumes towards our capacity for strength. I'm inspired.

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fitness-siren said...

Wow, that is amazing!

Bryce said...

Incredible. You could tell in the first few reps how superior her economy of movement was to all the other competitors. It was really quite beautiful how fluid she was.

120 is no joke with a single hand switch, even for a 180lb guy. I'd have to practice a bit to do that with only 1 hand switch.

Jason said...

As is this.

dr. m.c. said...

Thanks all for stopping by. yup it's way cool alright.

Jason, great find, but i can't get with the second vid as much:

bonnie mullaney is taller, heavier (70kg class if i recall), older

not that it ain't cool and all - any gal flinging is a 24 is something else, and mullaney has a huge rep, and grace - she makes it look easy.

but you'll forgive me if my sympathies are with the smaller gals.

you know.


Jason said...

Oops did not realise there was a second vid. Got 3 mins in and thought same for other 7.

Also have to confess I have never heard of her.

Happy new year BTW.


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