Sunday, January 10, 2010

Range of Motion demonstration: KB Long Cycle and Yut of Today

Part of the impetus of z-health mobility work is to get better Range of Motion (ROM) - and better control of it. We're often told this ROM is something we lose as we age, get sedinary and that kids have it in spades. Note a wee child squatting or deadlift'ing to pick something up. Well here's a somewhat older than typical example of form and function. Coach Randy Hauer says the person is coached by Chris Wells:

Great examples here of thoracic mobility, shoulder range of motion, good hip flexibility in particular. These can be helped not by stretching, but mobility work. R-phase Z-health drills like ankle tilts, toe pulls, hip circles. Then thoracic glides back and forth and side to side and some shoulder cam shafts. Combining these in sport-specific movement positions, as in I-phase, also sweet sweet sweet.

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Bryce said...

Am I wrong in assessing the kid as having better ROM than the gent behind him? The adult wasn't fully extending his legs, short changing power production, but his young friend had great extension.

dr. m.c. said...

So it would appear bryce.


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