Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Real People Making Real Changes with Real Support

A lot of us have pretty direct experience of what it takes to transform our bods. Calling it "losing weight" doesn't seem to do the cost of the experience justice. Two things known to help this process (besides good quality information about how food works in our bodies) is

  1. good models where we can see someone like us has done what we want to achieve and
  2. support from people going through this process who may be a wee bit further along than ourselves.

The above bits are two parts of why i've been keen on precision nutrition (PN review) as a great platform to support the change process. Change after all is actually painful: we rewire our brains, and that takes effort, so getting support is a big deal. Getting quality support even bigger.

Anyway, here's an opportunity to take a look at some folks who have put themselves out there within a lean eating challenge for body transformations program with PN called Lean Eating - there's a waiting list for this program, and it's one i wrote about back in the summer if you'd like to take a peak - especially at the comments from folks who have been on it and had that support and direction for their progress.

The photos of the finalists have just been posted online.
Whether you're looking to kick off a body transformation of your own. Or whether you're in the process of accomplishing an awesome transformation, the photos are sure to provide
some serious motivation:
Plus, if you have a second, feel free to vote for your favorites. Your vote helps determine who walks away with $20,000.
The thing i really like about this particular transformation presentation is that these are real people showing real results and offer a great reality check about what any of us can expect from just getting on board with good nutrition practices. Real, not airbrushed.

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