Friday, July 17, 2009

Vibram FiveFingers and Pose Running and Running on Concrete

Wow, i've had so many folks ask me about POSE running with respect to Vibram FiveFingers (a few vff articles here), and i've had to say, i know nothing about POSE but i can tell you you won't heal strike wearing VFF's. Does that help?

Just found an awesome Sports Injury Bulletin Pose Running for Beginners. I gotta tell you, that little pose running stance dude sure looks like the way someone running barefoot or in vff's looks.

Now there are a lot of drills on how to do Pose running, and prepping to run in this stance, but again, seems to me, just get out of your trainers, and how else could you run? Again, i'm not someone who knows pose so i'm just looking at these drills thinking, hmm, just take your shoes off and go for a run in the grass.

Actually, of course i'm thinking do some Z-health drills, like I-Phase ankle tilts, and lunge position foot work, and go for a run in your VFF's

Oh, another question/statement combo i've gotten lately:

[question] you run in those (vff's)?
[statement] not on concrete, surely.
yes. really :)

On concrete or tarmac or whatever the hard surface is. Preferably the surface is below 114F, but other than that. Why not? In a box, with a fox; give it a try; you'll be surprised. And if you want a little more than 3mm of rubber sole plus the additional 2-3mm of insole, add another couple mm with a sock. Life's perfect :)

If running on concrete in VFF's feels too threatening/scary for you right now, that's cool. No worries. Find somewhere that feels safe, like a carpeted floor - seriously - or a gym. or a lawn. No one has to run in these after all, but it's really fun if you do :)

It's no fun if it's no fun, after all. so whatever works for you; and if you *want* to make it work for you, and need help, give me a shout. As Lucy's sign says in peanuts "the Dr is in" I wonder what her rate would be these days?


helium said...

Why should it be a problem to run on concrete with minimal shoes or barefoot?

Gravel is the problem. I hate gravel.

dr. m.c. said...

well, concrete has little give. if you're used to running in squishy shoes, ya kinda tend to believe the squish is there to replace what's missing when running on unforgiving surfaces.

i've heard some folks concerned that they'll get plantar fasciatis from such exposed running, too. Don't have any reports from barefooters that such is the case, though.

Jason said...

For any doubters that may come this way, I have clocked 200 miles in my VFFs mixed terrain but mainly roads and pavements. No problem. Running better than ever.

Rikki said...

Is the tip here that you have to change your running style with VFFs? A lot of things I've read say you will run different in VFFs but no-one says exactly how!

I guessing it's up on your toes rather than heel-striking, but surely it's important to stress this in case a reader gets some VFFs and tries to run as they usually do?

dr. m.c. said...

Rikki in my experience the strike is on the balls of the foot as opposed to toes.

in my experience too no one needs to tell anyone how to run in vff's. the expression "you only need to try heel striking once" - the body goes to its natural gait very quickly, and that ain't heel striking :)

if u want to try find a place you feel safe to pull off your shoes and see which way feels better to you barefoot.



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