Thursday, July 16, 2009

Contacts better than Glasses for Eye Health? Ya.

Do any of you try to go without wearing glasses as much as possible in a day, or do you just wear yours all the time?

What if you were to learn that less is more?

Likewise, how about thinking contacts rather than glasses? Surprisingly, the reason for rethinking your "lensing" from specs to plastic bits on your eyes are many - and they're all about eye health.

And speaking of eye health, did you know we can (and should) exercise our eyes just like we do the rest of bods? and that the consequences of not doing so are pretty much the same? perhaps we need a new condition "flabby eyes"

For more on the why's and wear-fores of these suggestions, drop on by iamgeekfit


Carl Sipes said...

Hey mc, wanted to say thanks for the VFF deal! Does Z deal a lot with vestibular training?

dr. m.c. said...

Hi Carl, nice to meet you.

yes z-health deals with a lot of vestibular training.

In the I-phase cert in particular, the trainee learns about various assessments to check for vestibular ok'ness, too.

This assessment becomes a fundamental check in the Z-Health trainer's repertoire, and is one of the first thing's checked: is there a visual imbalance? is there a vestibular imbalance? what if there's both?

we learn about finding rehab positions for r/i phase drills to best support retraining the nervous system to correct the imbalance. Often this correction happens in the session itself. Cool.

It's amazing to me how much difference these simple checks can make in terms of profound impact on tuning performance.


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