Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mike T Nelson: sharing the Protein and Carb and Pain Relief Joy

Mike T. Nelson. RKC, King of Mn. Z Health. PhD candidate (profile/interview here)

Plainly Mike Mike has learned a great lesson of academics: reuse. Michael's been doing the skull cruching work of doing the exam papers for his PhD to show he's an expert in his field, before going deep with his big D, dissertation, to show he's an expert in his area.

Now our happiness out of this is that while digesting all the latest and greatest info in his area, he's been feeding it back out on his blog so that you don't have to.

His latest synthesis, found in his MyNotes at the end of presenting a paper's abstract, is on his blog RIGHT NOW.

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Mike T Nelson said...

Thanks for all the kind words--much appreciated!

Just trying to share some studies that I find interesting and hopefully helpful to others. I am planning to do it on a monthly basis going forward.

Actually, I don't do research on protein synthesis (although I am interested in that area), as my current research is on Energy Drinks (Monster, Red Bull) and the area of Metabolic Flexibility (via RER and HRV).

I did write a crap load on carbs and proteins during endurance exercise recently if anyone is interested and I will have an essay on pain and performance in Alan Aragon's Research Review in Aug.

See ya soon when you are here in Minnesota, right? Keep up the great work here Doc.
Rock on
Mike N


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