Monday, July 28, 2008

Alwyn Cosgrove on the Anti Crunch

Worth checking out is Alwyn Cosgrove's post about awesome ab routines that kill the crunch. And would likely pass with the Stuart McGill seal of approval for low back performance.

If you've not heard of Stuart McGill and care about things back-ish, he's at MacMasters in Canada (to a canadian that's funny because there's a uni named McGill, too. So McGill at MacMaster...anyway), check out his site. You'll find that he's *the* reference when it comes to working out and caring for the spine.


Franklin said...

I'm a big fan of heavy TGUs and PowerWheel Roll-outs and Crawls for my ab work. Its been very effective.

dr. m.c. said...

right on


Franklin said...

Hey mc, I look forward to meeting you at the CK-FMS .. I also have an academic background but went on to join the ranks of engineering industry shortly after graduating:

Franklin B. Herman, PhD


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