Thursday, November 25, 2010

A real body transformation over real time - more why i like precision nutrition's approach

Tis the season when hearts and minds turn to Body Comp - weight loss, muscle gain. Guilt. What to do? Need a plan that respects mind, gut and gusto, which is why i dig Precision Nutrition. Why? Let's start with the basics.

We know from research discussed here before that body comp change is more than 80% diet first. Exercise certainly helps for a ton of reasons; but what we eat is the heart of body comp change. Quick reality check? 20 mins of high intensity exhausting intervals is about the equivalent of 1.5-2 pieces of whole grain dry toast. What's the easier way to cut those 200kcals: do the intervals or cut the toasties? And if we don't want to Kill All Toast? well, when to have the toast can be optimized (i am a big toast optimizer). So this post is really a quick review - with a pretty stunning new example - of why PN is a great go to place for getting one with nutrition.

I've posted over the past year a few times about why i like Precision Nutritions's approach to helping people find a healthy path to well being by taking into account both nutrition and exercise - two big markers in the proces -and also by taking a habits based rather than calorie counting or diet based approach: build great eating knowledge and habits, and one has skills for a life time.

The other thing i've said i like about PN is that it gives one a real opportunity to get to know oneself in terms of what works and what doesn't work for oneself for food and body comp. To dial that in once makes it so easy to practice, tune, refine explore forever after. Really.

One more thing about PN - it's very much a whole food/whole person approach rather than a "fabulous in forty days" or "starve yourself thin" or "kill carrots and get lean." No food in PN is evil - but finding out when what and how a food works for a person is part of the process. 

And finally - but not last in any sense - PN's social support is bar none fabulous. I've written about that, too.

PN comes in two flavours: its stand alone program that has not only an awesome program (i've detailed it before), but a fabulous forum of experts - not just fellow sufferers - for support and information.

The second flavour is its 6month coaching program that is all online with regular daily information, practices, reality checks - more or less keeping one honest and providing support for a realistic period of time to get real results. I've posted before examples of such real results.

The Transformation of Transformations
Yesterday, some of us got a note about another transformation from following the PN sanity approach to eating, health and habits. It really blew me away. Why? because it's showing a journey not of 12 weeks or 6 months but of a year. And it's of a Real Person. Doing a year of slow but steady - with results and practices and knowledge to last a life time. It works. No added filler. No hyped claims. Just take the time, use the strategy, get consistent and there it is.

Look at this transformation - over a year - took off 70lobs and 20%bf. You can see it. The secret of his success?

As you'll see reading Yano's transformation story, he stuck with the plan, Stan.  He committed to HIMSELF to do this.

Two Paths to Success
The approach in PN is so sane, so progressive, and so real you can't not but be happy.  Indeed here's a
Free Pn Overview - 40 page plus free way to check out the approach to get a feel for it. IT's not a do everything overnight thing; it's find where to start and keep building - and there's strategies to support that. PN gets that there's more to this than just lining up the food to eat. There's a head game in the health game. Respect that, add a bit of knowledge, patience, breath. Everything works.

PN System  If you're the kind of folk who just need the guidelines as long as you have guidelines to follow, and can tune into the social network that is the PN forum, then really really check out the whole huge page detailing what comes with the Precision Nutrition system.

PN Lean Eating Program. If you're someone who's just had it with trying to go it on your own, and wants a little more structure every day of every month of a six month process - a just tell me what to do so i can do it - with ALL of everything explained from how to lift a weight, to when to add in intervals and how,  to what habit to focus on (like taking fish oil or algae oil daily), then consider the Lean Eating Program - here's a page that heads into full of info about the way the program works - tuned for men and for women.

Great Big Love
As with all safe good products, there's a guarentee with PN - person doesn't find it helpful, full refund. This is such an easy way to get into making it safe AND informational if you want, it's an easy approach to give to someone you love who's said they're looking for a way into better eating, better nutrition, better them.

Why the big Endorsement?
I like it; it works.
It's also real, the science is there if you want to geek out on what you're doing, the approach is there if you just want to do it, the PEOPLE are there who have been there if you need it.
- and the people i've met at PN who are so smart and kind are an unlooked for asset.

I've been doing the Pn Tao if you will since 2007. My way of doing PN has changed over that period as i've changed. But i know more about what i'm doing with those changes and how to assess them because of PN. Here's a rather cool example of doing the PN thang in an individual way. And as Ryan explains in this piece, PN is fundamentally about helping a person find what works for them nutritionally and whole well-being-y in terms of food and exerices.

Indeed, i'd found the PN process so inspiring that i did the PN certification to coach folks in their own nutrition quest - and learned even more about nutrition as a result. So i think that says there's something good hear.

Here's another thing: changing habits is hard, and food is frought with habituated responses. PN gets that and helps with that too. It's not a diet; it's a way of getting to what works for you. Yano's results are awesome, but so are those of just about everyone i know who's done PN - and what's cool - of the folks i met in 07 doing PN - we're still there on the forum, moving and grooving, learning more, helping out, keeping the habits sharing what we've learned. It's not about diet it's about life.

So do it for yourself, or share it with the one you love. It will be an awesome gift to self, either way.


bleuge* said...

i've been reading lately your blog, other day i printed a selection of articles, 200 pages :D
great information and inspiration thanks!

i'd love to hear your opinion in an article about LeanGain's method of IF, you know, Martin has promoted a lot his blog and you find it everywhere nowdays


dr. m.c. said...

wow, thank you for your comment.

For intermittent fasting, the best compilation of approach, practice and science that i've found - and the most accessible - is Brad Pilon's to the point Eat Stop Eat

I recommend it as an excellent resource in this area, and if you feel like exploring it, that's a sane and safe place to start.

For me, the ideal 1-2 punch for nutrition is PN (free ebook) to get a handle on one's self with repect to food - learn more about food/nutrition and then by all means experiment - and use something in that experiment as well grounded as possible. WHich again is why i like ESE.

hope that helps?



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