Friday, November 19, 2010

And Speaking of Indian Clubs...Swords to Ploughshares and sticks to fishing poles - kali

All this thinking and chatting about indian clubs and swinging things recently rather reminds me of a secret desire i have to be able to whack at "things" (you know? things!!) with sticks.

Rannoch Donald, Monk of the North of Simple Strength,  shows how both can be accomplished by blending Thomas-esque style club swinging (as discussed yesterday) with Filipino Kali Sticks - and while i don't know the formal history of the sticks i understand that there's a fishing pole part to the history. How nice is that? If someone messes with your effort to get a meal for your family, what else ya gonna do?

Rannoch suggests looking at the similarities of the two movements. Cool, no?

These are but a few attractions of Edinburgh:

Rannoch's promise to show me how to use sticks (potentially to whack things), and good coffee (like black medicine, by the eScience center)

If you need more of an excuse to get to Edinburgh. There's also my fave suit shop, 21st Century Kilts (ask for Howie, and suggest mc from the south recommended you).

But also, Rannoch has a bunch of workshops in Edinburgh coming up. Please check them out here at Simple Strength. And while you're at it, perhaps consider Rannoch's amazingly elegant 100 Rep Challenge. Fitness can be easy, and Rannoch sweeps a clear path to get one there.


Unknown said...

I used to whack people with sticks when I was a youngster (Escrima) ... good fun :)


dr. m.c. said...

Thanks Kira. Sounds like fun and looks so pretty.
whoosh whoosh whoosh.

i have also learned that one really does benefit from having an outdoor space (rather than a flat) to practice clubs. This dent (shh) by the door suggests that one can get into the zone and lose track of position.

do you not whack things anymore? just people?


Unknown said...

Fun and pretty? Hmmm ... That wasn't exactly my experience of stick-fighting.

Anyway, I moved state and couldn't train with my teacher any more ... He was a crazy old Filipino dude who couldn't speak English, but really knew how to inflict pain ;)

Probably a good thing I gave it away, 'cos I was getting a lot of hand injuries. I sorta like being able to use my hands ;)


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