Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Wellbeing Haikus at b2d on fb - please share yours

Spring Wellbeing Haiku Quest: Is spring putting a bit more zing in your step? Are new thoughts and plans and actions budding forth?

If so, please drop by the begin2dig Spring Revitalization Discussion page on facebook and share a Haiku of yours.

The form of a Haiku is 3 lines, 5/7/5 syllables a line. A few examples are already there.

Why a haiku? well in some psych literature, we see that apparently self-reflection is a great thing, and i'm thinking too that having some kind of structure to reflect around with a topic might just be spring like and unearth new thoughts.

Why not give it a go.
See ya over there?



Steven Rice said...

Tightly coiled strength
Strains to rise underneath weight
New shoot bursts from ground

My facebook business account doesn't let me post to others', but feel free to use this with attribution(including link s'il vous plait).

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dr. m.c. said...

can you at least see the other poems?

i shall add yours and attribution.
thank you

Steven Rice said...

a butterfly's wings
rise and fall gently flying
dumbells cross our chest

Thought of another, and I hope the last for a while.

Yes, I see the others, just can't post.

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