Friday, October 16, 2009

RTK Heavy Press Day OWNed me: another frickin' learning experience session

I've said that so far each session of Return of the Kettlebell has been a learning experience. Usually it's been about technique. The start of this latest block, it was about reading comprehension. But no matter the type of learning, the result goes to the body - and the mind.

The first time i did the RTK pressing block i did it wrong. I did it as ETK with two kb's. Even as such, double 12's for me for five rungs, five ladders on heavy day was challenging, but it didn't hurt my brain. After this last C&J block, the ETK book arrived and so in reading it from cover to cover, rather than the Plan that is on the DVD, i noticed that my interpretation of the pressing block was in error.

I have now adjusted accordingly, such that the heavy day, the final one of the week, is double 16's. Snatching two 16's - for me- is on a whole other plane from double 12's or alternating a 16 with any other lesser size doubles work, no matter the hand.

Is this my Beautiful House?
I consider that half a year ago i was struggling to press a two consecutive left arm presses with the 16 (as part of the perfect rep quest series). Now, i'm doing DOUBLE frickin' 16's with a SNATCH at the start of each rung? When i thought about it, my brain did do a bit of a tilt. But excuse me if this is being a sissy, but again, for me, double snatching 16s is an exercise at this moment as much in intestinal fortitude as it is in strength. And also mental stickiness. By five ladders were not total 5's of 5. They were (sounding like figure skating scores) 4,4,3,3,3. Owned. Toasted. Perhaps basted.

THis is so intriguing to me: gals test with single snatching the 16 for the RKC cert, yes? so we are familiar with hiking this thing back and way up, either side. But does the physics change or what at that weight in a way that is dfferent from double 12s - and if it's not 12's for you, imagine whatever your snatch test bell is or say higher bell if it is that is at the sort of top of your single pressing for reps bent. Weird. Glad only to go there once a week. But also looking forward to seeing how this feeling changes with more reps.

Forget Something?
And speaking of mental stickiness, i'd just like to know, how many people forget to squat after the last ladder rung of a set and dash to reclaim the bells before they get all the way to the ground? Hmm? is this just me?

And may i say that on heavy day, doing those squat sets with the double kb's well i can see where someone might say it will make a man out of you. But it's really the mental toughness i think because it's doable, challenging, but not a form killer. it's a nicely balanced edge, but it's also just not nice.

KB swings for in between set Active Recovery, strength and Owning My Swing.
Continuing on from the last update, i again used a light kb to get in 100 perfect swings between ladders. I focussed on form, muscle awareness and experimented with eye position and movement for what the smoothest feel was. It did not wear me out. It was great. I'm getting in 600 swings a workout this way more or less for free, alternating standard speed with overspeed eccentrics.

I'm doing this keep the heart rate up for two reasons: one, to test the this will kill DOMS theory and two to test the Cardio Between Sets Improves Strength Gains.

I make no claims here as i will have nothing to compare against my results of not doing cardio between sets. That said, i KNOW my oxidative capacity will go up - it can't not physiologically from that kind of forced exertion. So that's nice. IT's only about 12 mins worth of cardio all told, so not a biggie, but not nothing either - plus it's 600 more opportunities every other day to own my swing.

When i get to a place where a day's RTK workout is "practice" rather than "new learning experience" i'll be sure to shout.


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dbt1959 said...

There is an absence of testosterone in your blog which in the kettlebell world is a good thing IMHO. Besides, the long board is art.

But double 16kg presses ? You go. What is that light bell ? Whenever I swing a light bell it feels like I am going to hurt myself, cause the hip snap makes the bell fly up and even with locking down the lats the thing just takes off with no resistance. So how is that rest ? Must be missing something . . .

dr. m.c. said...

thanks for the note of support.
you long board as well?

best in your practice,

dbt1959 said...

I do ride a long board, carefully at 50. Still fun.

Adam said...

I will be interested to hear about your double press as you get stronger with your LCCJ. I believe the two weeks of long cycle are the primer for moving a lot more weight in the press. I have alternatd bumping up the weights instead of adding volume and that is letting me turn around to bigger bells faster. Last grind block, i did one set with 36kgs, then dropped to 32's, this grind block i do my first two sets with 40's, then drop to 36kgs-- Next explosive will be 40kgs and 36kgs, No doubt the 8th week of the program (back to grind) will be 44kgs for first sets of press/40's for ladders.

The mental block of the double snatch robs your press. What style double snatch are you using? If you are getting freaked out throwing up heavy bells on the up swing, it really shuts down the press groove. Jerking the weights lets you know your stronger then you think-- 20kgs are in your future.

dr. m.c. said...

Adam thanks - snatch style - regular hardstyle, v-handle orientation at start, and away :)

i appreciate your confidence. i'm pressing the 20 on the right and push pressing it on the left, so may follow your lead and when back in the long cycle put the 20 in once in awhile see how that goes.

and yes it feels like a mental block freak out which just doesn't happen with even the 12/16. I think i need to get outside where it feels more open and work with it, perhaps.

thanks for stopping by and all the best with your doubles, too. keen to give your press the next size up prog a go after a few more cycles with RTK...



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