Sunday, October 4, 2009

B2D Readers: b2d slight reorg & invitation for you

Hello b2d readers, grok'ers, folks who've subscribed by reader or email, and folks dropping by. Just wanted to let you know i've reorganized b2d a little bit to make it into what i hope will be a more efficient resource for you: adding Related posts to the end of articles for browsing a larger context, adding standing article indices to make browsing b2d easier, and casting an open invitation for your queries.

Related Posts
lately, i've been adding links at the end of new posts to other sources of info related to that post to provide a broader context. As i hit previous articles, i'm working on inserting related posts into older articles, too.

The main change to b2d has been to create several standing indices of b2d articles. They seem to have gathered around about 5 topics, soi've moved and extended the rather truncated article listings that used to be in the right hand column into these persistent reference pages, on these five topics:
  • vibram fivefingers - from fitting to wearing and the neural adaptations in between
  • z-health - what is it, what are the various certs/dvds/phases about and its application
  • kettlebells - firing the lats, press clean up, vo2max work and so on
  • general fitness - mainly research overviews and reflections
  • nutrition (forthcoming)
While i'm a wee bit surprised at how things have clustered i guess they show things i'm passionate about here - like getting into flexible, foot freeing shoes - and how this movement connects to so much else. While the z-health work shows a commitment to mobility for neurological communication and performance benefits, just freeing our feet alone - doing nothing else - seems to have immediate benefit. Blend in a little mobility and even more benefit.

Related to these more neurological emphases are the more pragmatic fitness and nutrition articles. These are in the large, i think, articles that review research literature around best practice. Within fitness, the remarkable mechanism of the kettlebell, the practice of which seems to lead to so much incredible performance self-knowledge is its own topic. That's one place i feel a little more comfortable reflecting on my own experiences, and hope they may prove useful for others, too.

These new indices are listed in the right hand column, under "b2d Article Indices" just a wee bit of a scroll down from the top of the page.

Search & Browse Too.
While the new "it's in here somewhere" Google-based blog Search makes it easy to find articles you suspect are in b2d, the article indices are planned as ways to let readers browse around a bit to get a sense of what's in b2d - they're not likely exhaustive but indicative.

They'll stay fresh as i'll update them regularly as newer material is posted.

This standing list of article lists also saves some space on the right hand column so that the column can be scrolled through a little more effectively too, i hope.

Other ways of browsing are by the month links at the bottom of the right hand column. IF you're curious to the road dug so far a person can click on the earliest month/year posted. I think the article indices may be easier to browse for content however.

Invitation to B2D readers: what's your question
More than anything, each index comes with an invitation: if you have a query about one of the index topics, and it's not covered in the articles in one of the related indices, please post a query in a comment for that index.

For instance, if you have a kettlebell question that's not covered in a b2d article in the kettlebell index, please post a question in the comments, and i'll put it on the stack for an article, or try to reply on the spot - i have the happy good fortune to know far more knowledgeable people in these topics than myself and will be pleased to try to find a reply.

Thanks again for visiting &/or subscribing to B2D.



Unknown said...

This is an example of why you are one of my favorite blog sites; constant refinement and continuous improvement. You keep working and thinking about how to make it better. I love it!

dr. m.c. said...

thank you for your kind words and for your visits


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