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Mike T Nelson is getting married. So there's a Master Trainer Sale. Hurry on In

Opportunity for discounted rate and sweet bonuses to consult with a Z-Health Master Trainer (and possibly Jedi Knight). All because said Master Trainer is getting married.

Where i grew up, a regular part of the getting married experience was having a Social to help raise dough for the wedding. Folks bought tickets effectively to go to a dance with a liquor license. It was a way to get strangers to help pay your expenses by providing a hall, some music and cheap booze. And sometimes have great food too. Around midnight. And if you can find a reference to explain this concept on google, you'll know where i grew up :)

Anyway, turns out Mike T. Nelson, PhD Kinesiolgy Candidate (that means he's just about done and abd) RKC and Z-Health Master Trainer is doing Something Else to help raise funds for his Big Day. He's making it cheaper to avail yourself of his services.

Why would someone want to call Mike T Nelson for a Consult? How good is that?
Well, i'd like to show you some of Mikes 3minute Wonders first

The first one is his clever use of Z-Health arm drills to fix some hip flexor mobility issues.

The next one is with respect to breaking a lift limit with a deadlift


After Z-Health

Fawn is an experienced RKC trainer herself, and one heck of a strong gal, and she's make the Mike Call to get her deadlift closer to where she wants it to be.

And well the third is a couple of the Minutes with Mike we've done here on nutrition [min 1 | min 2].

Plainly you can see the guy knows his stuff, can cut to the chase, and get you moving well, breaking through plateaus.

Ya well that's visual; this is a phone call?

There's lots of ways to do a remote consult. Mike will work with you to connect with your technology - phone, email, vid whatever!
Indeed, once you say you're interested, Mike has specific protocols so you can test yourselves based off of biofeedback (range of motion, heart rate, and so on) or you can send a video ahead of time or later - options, ya got options.

Also, to make this wedding pitch even more attractive, Mike is offering three bonuses for the first ten folks who sign up.

Premier Bonus #1: Jason Rhymer's รข•˛Exercise Buffet ebook. Jason walks you through some unique exercises to put together your own killer training plan $34.95 value when purchased from Jason directly - included

Now the thing about this ebook is that it provides some interesting variants on classic moves - move variants that intriguingly are exactly the kind of stuff that come up in the next bonus:

Premier Bonus #2: Hypertrophy Roundtable with Brett Jones, Mike Robertson, Frankie Faires and Geoff Neupert Combined, these fitness experts have at least 40 years experience, amazing education and practical experience up the wazoo. If you want to know how to add muscle size and strength, this is a must have. This has NEVER been released before or published anywhere! I was able to extract some incredible information from them.

Speaking for myself, this was a pleasure to read. These guys are experienced olympic and powerlifting athletes and z health trainers to boot. First off they are all singing from the same song sheet of keeping it real and simple. The basics are no surprise; the surprise may be the absolute agreement among the four. Another delight is the nuances on those basics coming from each coach's particular passion within their skills. They complement each other in this read beautifully. Hard work and right actions - inescapable, but tractable. You will learn something new that you can use right away - or choose upfront if this is the path for you.

Premier Bonus #3: Special Z-Health Report from Mike T. Nelson, MS, PhD Candidate: This inside look at exclusive shoulder and hip mobility Z-Health drills will show you how to improve your movement and get pain free quickly. Mike reveals the essential tips and main points you MUST follow when creating a balance and releasing tension. In this report, you will also learn how the shoulders and hip are connected and why this is important for improving your strength and fluidity of movement.

Let me say the above a different way. One of the coolest things in Z-Health is the practice of addressing issues by going after what's termed the opposing joint. Here, the opposing joints focused on in the report are the two critical zones: hip and shoulder. This stuff is only currently covered in the Z-Health R-Phase certification. If you haven't done Z-Health before, you'll also get the how-to's on key hip and shoulder drills from R-Phase - just for talking to Mike.

So tell me again why i want to talk with Mike?
Here are some of the examples of Mike's recent remote consults:
  • --Protein/carb timing, when, how much, why, etc
  • ---ergogenics--which ones work, which are crap
  • --Program design for work capacity for a strong "women" competitor
  • --KB Snatch eval (via video)
Related stuff
  • If you have a shoulder or hip flexor issue that's been bothering you, or any movement related irritant (mine was lower back stuff that i connected with Mike about)
  • If you've hit a plateau in a lift and you just can't seem to crack it
  • If someone's told you you have a "tight" anything and think that's what's holding you back
  • if you're wondering about how to hook up nutrition with your performance
  • any topic related to your human performance, by all means, Mike can help.
And if you're wondering what's special about a Master Trainer from Z, take a look at the blurb on this page describing what a MasterT has to complete. Mike was only one of a few people to pass in the first wave of Z-Health MT's, too. Guess that PhD work has to pay off somewhere!

Full disclosure: Mike has not paid me for this and i don't get kick backs. I said i'd be happy to tell some folks about this op because (a) obviously i think mike's good at what he does (hence the minutes with Mike series) (b) save 20bucks to get with a Master Trainer and (c) he's a nice guy and i'd like him to have a debt free wedding so maybe some day he'll actually finish his PhD - one less thing to worry about (wedding debt; not the PhD).

With a discounted session and lots of juicy little freebies to boot it's just like it's midnight coldcuts time at the social!

special offer details at extremehumanperformance

Bon Voyage, Mike

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