Friday, June 20, 2008

Working Out with the 24: weird magic

It wasn't until the RKC that i had ever attempted picking up a 24k bell, never mind doing any activity with it - like swinging or cleaning it. Lynda Angeles RKCII encouraged me to give it a go. And much to my surprise, swinging two of them for double kb's was awesome. truly awesome.

Over the weekend, i was able to do a lot of swing sets with the 24. all two handed, but they felt great. So did sets of cleans - really focuses the hip action.

The thing that is a mystery to me is that i have a 20kg at work and give it a go during the day just for some GTG work - and it seems always to floor me. And yet the 24 is like a completely different animal. It's exciting. I can hardly wait to work with it. Have no idea why it has that effect, but there it is.

Amazing, and loving it.

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