Monday, August 17, 2009

Lance Armstrong Training: almost with a kettlebell

Well, the image in men's fitness made famous of Lance Armstrong swinging a kettlebell may not have been repeated elsewhere, but one could believe he does swing, based on the following workout sample on youtube.

It starts with dynamic movement of weight - sorta like a swing.

Solid: weighted step ups, stable rows (i like rows:details here), and my faves in this example, weighted adductor lunges, starting everything off with these nice effortful hang cleans.

There's a kb hiding in a corner somewhere.


Erik Blekeberg said...

I'd say he needs to work on his hang power clean form but, what he is doing is obviously making him a god at his sport.

dr. m.c. said...

Hi Erik,
thanks for dropping by.

it's funny isn't it?
if you were coaching him you'd say it isn't very pretty, no doubt - agreed.

and many folks say who can argue with greatness?

sure, but just think how much BETTER he'd be with perfect form, too ?


Erik Blekeberg said...

True but, I don't believe hang power cleans are the secret to his phenomenal cycle times.

Although, for others out there. They are useful what ails you. ;-)

dr. m.c. said...

this is the guy who wrote "it's not about the bike" so in that spirit, while no one would say hang cleans are the secret of his success:

no excuse for poor form.

Who knows what neural messaging that's sending? or what the costs will be down the road.

every rep a perfect rep!

thanks for coming back Erik. nice to meet ya.



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