Thursday, August 20, 2009

b2d down time - what healthy blogs do you enjoy?

Dear b2d readers,

thank you for stopping by.

Over the coming week i'm going to be off the grid (and if i'm not, there'll be hell to pay), so will likely not be posting for that time. I anticipate withdrawl effects.

In the interim, i'd be keen to hear about any health-related blogs you like to follow that haven't already be linked here. You can see there are three places where Other Folks stuff is linked: great resources by other folks; funky folks' blogs, and digging.

I'm asking also because one of the favorite things i've seen on is Chris's google reader insert - which i've since emulated here. Awesome!

I use chris's reader feed a lot - often i don't agree with the sentiment in some of the articles posted :) - but so what? how else are we gonna learn new stuff?

So if you care to share, what are some blogs that inspire you? that you come back to regularly - in the health, fitness, wellbeing space?

Please leave your rec's in a comment.

With thanks,


ps may i also note here that the first uk z-health/kettlebell workshop is going to be held in London(ish) all day, Sunday Oct 18. Hope to meet some of you there.


Chris said...

Thanks mc.

I don't always agree either but I point to things of interest that don't deserve a full post.

L. Wu said... has had some interesting articles of late with tons of comments...

Slightly more out there:



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