b2d survey: making b2d a better place

Hi All,
what will help b2d be a better blog experience? Your participation in the wee survey below will really help make that happen, so thank you for your time.

THIS IS A COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS SURVEY - the tool - a google form - does not collect ips or anything else. I'll run this for a week or so, so keen to hear your views.
best, mc

ps - the LAST QUESTION above is called "final thoughts" - please be sure you can see that.
and after that, there is a SUBMIT button at the bottom of this survey - hit that to put through your replies.

if you don't see that button, click somewhere in the whitespace of the survey and use your mouse or trackpad to make scroll down gestures and it should show up.  dunno why google forms is a little funny in some browsers this way. - thank you again for your patience and contribution


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