Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tweet your #lunch4science!

Dear All: Please Share your Lunch (photos)

#lunch4science - white whole bowl
for scale and colour balance
by @leslieowensby
It's June 15 (or pretty close)
For the next few weeks, would you please tweet a pic of your lunch - for science?
Would you please ask your friends, colleagues, loved ones to do likewise?

Here's all you need to do:

It's simple:
     Before you take your pic, make sure there's some white in it. If it's on a white plate - showing the whole plate is great for scale, too. That's a bonus.
    If there's no plate - please put something white in the photo - a napkin, or piece of paper - an open notebook - this helps with colour detection by something known as "white balance."
  2. TAKE PIC With the twitter app - or any way you wish - take a pic of your lunch.
  3. Use the hashtag #lunch4science or even #lunch4sciBONUS: if you feel like it, use text to tell us what it is "a ham and rye sandwhich" a "salad with tuna and moz". 

Example Tweets

Example Pics

Thank you

You are making an incredible contribution to science. 
Really? yes you are. 

Two main ways, for this first phase of #lunch4science:

FIRST, you're helping to create an awesome log of what folks actually eat at this time of year (who happen to be connected to the internet and likely have a smart phone).  That's potentially v. interesting. 

SECOND, you're contributing a set of real world images to test out some computational vision techniques. 

What we're not doing:
  • We're not trying to identify specific foods - that's been worked on/done
  • We're not trying to convert what's in the pictures to calories. (We don't think counting calories is particularly helpful or interesting: there are better relationships to have with food).
What we ARE doing in this first phase:
  • We have a pretty simple (but perhaps elegant) hypothesis at play in this wee quest for our lunch images. We'll be sure to share this with you after this collection effort is finished up - if we did before that, that might affect the pictures we take. Hope that makes sense? 
  • If you have quesitons, just ask either @mcphoo on twitter, or here, in the comments.
Again THANK YOU for your help.
#lunch4science (or #lunch4sci if you're running out of characters)
this is work with Alex Rogers, University of Southampton, UK, Stefan Rueger, Open University, UK and well, me, dr. m.c. uSouthampton too.

#lunch4science - white bit, full plate in pic much appreciated 


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