Monday, May 20, 2013

International Coaches Day Today

Today is in the b2d universe, and perhaps it will go beyond, International Coaches Day.
Well why not?
Just taking a moment to celebrate the folks who have helped inform our practice, shape our experience. Some of them we've met and worked with; others we know through their work, but feel like it's had a personal impact.

Why not give them some space? Let's have some time just to remember who they are and what
specifically we think they've done to help shape our practice or our thinking about practice?

As i just wrote on the begin2dig page at facebook:

in physical culture, in terms of influence, i can think of a couple - including folks i've not met. A core is Clarence Bass.
What i admired about this person is that he trained as a lawyer but treats his body and be
ing lean as a sane and steady life progress. He steps up to compete, to self-test, and he engages both the literature and the people behind the literature. I wouldn't have encountered Pavel Tsatsouline without Clarance Bass. He's a kind of role model as well in terms of how he writes about his experience and practice in physical culture. Never met. That's cool, too...If you haven't encountered him, he's the guy to whom pavel dedicated Beyond Bodybuilding.
This guy was into lean and ripped for "normal" people way before it was cool; when John Berardi was thinking about Grad School, this guy had books for people wanting to be healthy, recovery well, feel good (look good).  He was also there on the web with a treasure trove of articles before most folks were thinking about their business model to create value with good content before asking someone to buy something.  By all means look through his site. You'll see he's the guy (for good or ill) who introduced the community to the Tabata protocol - the real one.

We've never met or connected, but yup Bass is plainly who i think of as similar goals for what i'd like to have b2d be able to offer for folks. Thank you very much Clarence Bass for walking the talk for decades, and showing that folks from any profession can ask good sound questions, develop expert practice and help others in the process.

Happy International Coaches Day, all.

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Who are you celebrating today, this year? Are there two excplit things/reasons/ways you can think of that are aspects of what puts this person on your Coaches Wall?

Keen to hear. let's celebrate.


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