Sunday, October 30, 2011

We need to move - better! UK workshop, Nov 19.

How are you feeling? Interested in feeling better? improving the performance in your sport or chosen activity - right now - which may mean reducing pain to move better?

As i've written about many many times, an important part of improving performance/reducing pain, is dialing in great movement - which may also mean,
  • improving balance, 
  • engaging vision, and
  • enhancing movement function.
We'll look at learning skills and self-assessments for each of these you can test on the spot, and then take home for practice with yourself and any of the folks you train.

Workshop: Own Our Movement
- One Joint at a Time Nov 19

If you're interested in learning more, please check the info on this UK only, places limited workshop, to own our movement, and perform better. It's at November 19, at Bodyology in Bracknel (outside London, not too far from the queen's windsor palace).

Again, places are limited; all the info overviewing the workshop and how to sign up is here. Look forward to meeting you on the 19th.

UPDATE: Discounts
  • early registration discount of 15% by saturday, Nov 5 noon UK time
  • a 10% discount by Nov 12, noon
  • and a special 20% discount till Nov 12, noon for first responders, front line care workers and full time students.

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