Wednesday, August 25, 2010

b2d slight hiatus - and how to stay connected

Greetings to b2d readers, grokkers and visitors. Thanks as always for making b2d part of your infosphere. An honor to be part of your virtual space. Really, it's cool to find that you're visiting either for the first time, or have decided to make b2d a place you subscribe in your reader, your email or your Follow list. Awesome. Thank you. WHich is why i wanted to let you know about the b2d status for the next wee while. There's an op to keep in touch below, too.

Work In Progress: Deadlines a Plenty
Updates have been a bit slow this week, and likely shall be into september. Here's why, alas: lots of deadlines right now with papers and proposals for some really exciting work in blending technology with helping folks do well and be well. We're looking at exploring ways techno can help with nutrition practice for folks in what have been termed "food deserts."

We're also proposing some work with elders to support different kinds of interaction with computers that will enhance mobility, connectivity and quality of life. We're also writing up some work we've been doing over the summer about how awareness of things from one's past may help with building social connections with others.

Personally, related to our nutrtition/techno work, i'm also working on the Precision Nutrition Level 1 cert and hope to do the exam for that by the end of the month - in order to get back to studying anatomy as part of the z-health Master Trainer program which also helps our research into wellbeing. Gosh.

Alas, i say again, as all these deadlines are coming at once.

PREVIEW SO for the rest of the month and into sept. a bit posts may become more weekly in nature - lots on the blocks in terms of finds:
  • protein is in everything;
  • reviews of books on talent vs practice practice practice; 
  • return to the sizing of vff bikilas, reviews of Club Swinging Essentials (like it) 
  • and of a few books like Cook's Movement (if you want to know what the FMS/SFMA is about this is it), some thinking on perfromance and injury.

Here's two quickies:
1. CLUBS: if you've been thinking about clubs, get that dvd  - it features club swinging maestro ed thomas. It's a joy. Likewise if in the UK, you can get the exact clubs from Joel Proskewitz at The Strength Company. I've been noticing benefit for my less happy shoulder already. That's only about 1000 swings in, too.  And for reasonse we'll get to anon talking about talent, because it's a skills-based practice, it's not just good for ailments, but for brain function, too.

2. SIZING BIKILAS And for the vff bikilas - for those wondering about sizing (as i have been) - cut to the chase: stick with your KSO size. That's after months of testing the kso size and the size smaller. Even though it *seems* the toes are longer than the kso's - i've found that for runs, and recently playing a lot of frisbee, the regular kso size is best; the size down feels really nice and close to the arch, but they're the only size i've noticed my little toe - and not in a great way. Will talk about testing more anon.

Invitation: Keep In Touch
Thanks for sticking with b2d! In the meanwhile of this hiatus,

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