Sunday, May 16, 2010

Coming Up at b2d: satiety, embodied brains and movement makes us smarter?

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Been on the road for two weeks of non-stop work, so it's been a bit of a challenge to get content to the screen. And now i have a wee cold (keeping the grosser symptoms at bay with some chelated zinc), so as you know, that can kinda slow down the cognitive processes, too.

Coming Up at b2d: Just wanted to let you know, therefore, about some of the articles on the blocks for the near future:
  • hunger as habit, and how that relates to what science seems to know about the markers around hunger like satiation and satiety; the role of energy density.

    satiation is a big area of study - if we have great homeostatic mechanisms as an organism, why does weight get out of control? What are tested strategies to help get our eating back under control - to get the homeostatic to kick in to support hedonic change?

  • the SAID principle - where'd it come from and what does it mean for training?
  • And Related:
    Is transferecnce (doing one activity in one domain that *seems* to contribute to another activity) a poor analogy for what's happening in sports training?

    And in my increasingly fave area of the Embodied Brain (we're not just brains with bods attached)

  • Exercise: competitive advantage
    There seems to be an increasing amount of work that shows that exercise has a strong relationship to smarts. So, if our work requires us to be innovative, smart etc, not only staying healthy but fit - maybe it's mitochondrial processing that's pumping all that fresh o2 through the system - seems to mean a lot for a cognitive edge.
  • Movement for Mental Function  - related
    there's some wild studies that show that when kids are let to gesture when doing long division, they do better at it then when they have to keep their hands still, they do less well. Our bodies help our brains do cognitive things. So why - i say SO WHY - are our office worker environments designed to be seated and still?

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