Wednesday, June 17, 2009

begin2dig is a year old: thank you for your readership

Goodness, just noticed that b2d is a year old - yesterday - the ides of June 08 was the first post.

Time flies, eh? In the past year there have been 89 articles (this being the 90th) and about 63k visits to the site. Looking back over the past year, there seem to (have) be(en) a few themes.

There are the various discussions on the turkish get up, and about the role of cardio and strength and kettlebells (kb and vo2max | cardio and strength).

Likewise, nutrition oriented discussions, from carbs being treated as the new fat (ie evil), and various debates about multiple fuelings (a la precision nutrition. pdf overview) vs IF's various incarnations.

Feet have played a remarkable role, as in Freeing your Feet (with Vibram FiveFingers, mainly, and how to fit them to do so). Feet freeing and the whyfore's of that relate to the "perfect rep quest adventure" about blending repetitions (how many) with load (balancing volume for strength) for the perfect rep (what's perfect mean anyway?). The perfect rep discussion has in turn been informed by Z-Health and movement efficiency; that has lead into the relationship between reducing/eliminating pain by improving movement.

While there's only been one post so far, learning more about how to get rid of crap around goals has been pretty powerful stuff for calming down, working out, moving up. Higher up and further in, as it were. Hope to write more about the ongoing experience of "letting go" soon.

In this past blogging year, through b2d, i've met amazing folks who have posted comments or emailed, and you'll see many of their blogs listed on the side bar of b2d. Comments are always appreciated and thanks for reaching out. My work's been enriched by these comments, and a big shout out, please to

Mark Reifkind whose blog inspired me to start this one. Rannoch Donald of Simple Strength, Mike T. Nelson of MTN's Ramblings, Georgie Fear, the redoutable RD of Nutrition Solutions, Adam Glass with hands of steal potentially, Suleiman Al-Sabah and Roland Fisher (who needs a web site), who it's been my pleasure to get to interact with a little more this year through the blogosphere and related.

Please also let me thank all
  • the folks who have said you grok b2d and hit the blogger "follow " button - that's really kind and very much appreciated.
  • the folks who follow on rss feeds - thanks for making b2d part of your bit stream.
  • the folks who have pointed to articles here to share with others - so glad you've found them useful and usable
  • again the folks who take time to drop a line or a comment, and
  • of course the folks who drop by from time to time either from searching for something or following someone's suggested link (either of which always amazes me).
Belated Happy Site Day, Welcome, Thank you for visiting.
As always, if there's a topic in the b2d sphere that is of interest to you, let me know, and i'll see if i can dig something (or someone) up.

All the best to you as we head rapidly towards the summer solstice and perhaps finally summer weather?



Chris said...

This is a fantastic site mc. Thanks for all the work you put into it.


dr. m.c. said...

Thanks for reading Chris. Enjoy conditioning research very much.

Mike T Nelson said...

Thanks for the shout out and keep up the in-depth reporting here! Much appreciated as I know first hand how much time that research-y stuff takes!

Rock on
Mike T Nelson

L. Wu said...

Great work mc!

I just got my Vibram FiveFingers from a store here in Palo Alto (literally blocks away from Mark Reifkind's Girya Strength) at Zombie Runner and it's really quite interesting how much they are a step up even from Nike Free 3.0v2s!

Keep on blogging please :)


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