Monday, May 18, 2009

10K Lean Eating Challenge with Precision Nutrition.

Folks who read b2d may know i'm a fan/adherent of Precision Nutrition (see reviews listed to the right of this post) - along with folks here i respect a lot: RD Georgie Fea and Z Master Trainer Mike T Nelson.

Just FYI: 10k Prize for sensible eating transformation?
Well, ok, i'm not much of a contest person, but goals can be powerful motivation. So John Berardi of PN is running his body transformation challenge again via a special coaching program called Lean Eating. The new lean eating program will open May 26.

if you're interested in leaning up, possibly winning 10k from a *sensible* body transformation, and getting some one on one time with Berardi's lean eating team, signing up for the new Lean Eating Challenge, *may* be the most cost effective way to get that Work with a Trainer's edge to move towards your goal.

For more info, here's a video explaining the challenge

Worst case, 6 months of super nutrition training and support - customized for you.

I mention this because last year, the program actually sold out pretty much the moment it was announced, so this time, they're taking names for the program on i think a first come first served basis.

So if you're interested in this kind of hands on help, by all means put in your name while you consider further, but especially if you know someone you think may benefit from some support and training, well thar ya go.

again, just fyi...

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Doin the Math said...

Speaking as a soon-to-be "graduate" of the current Lean Eating Program, it is money well spent! I could not be happier with the program and have nothing but great things to say about it.

dr. m.c. said...

Wow, that's awesome news. Congratulations Doing the Math.

Thanks for sharing that, and way to go.

If you come back to this post, i'd be keen to hear what part(s) of the program in particular really resonated with you.

all the best, and thanks for connecting with b2d.


Doin the Math said...

I joined the program to get thru tax season without gaining another 15 pounds! I go from working 40 hours a week to 76 (avg) for 2.5 months during tax season. Usually, I put nutrition and training on hold. "I'm too busy."

The LEP taught me how to get organized, prioritize, and keep on track. Working 76 hours per week, I still had the time to train 5 hours per week, plus make all of my own meals and take them with me each day. I went from a tight size 8 to a loose size 4. :) And during the process, I was happy about it. (Training makes me feel good, and eating PN style gives me energy. Great combination!)

Tax season this year was much easier on my family. I was happy and energetic, instead of wiped out and irritable. :)

dr. m.c. said...

Thanks for taking the time to reply, Doing the Math, and again, way to go!


Mike T Nelson said...

Thanks for the kind words MC.

Yep, JB does a killer job there at PN.

Rock on!
Mike T Nelson

Excellent work doin the math!!


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