Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weighted Pistol Puzzle

I own i have been frustrated by the weighted pistol. My body weight pistol is not a car wreck. On a good day, can even do that lovely hold your toe with leg outstetched while going up and down. But the weighted version - any kind of weight - is a challenge i canna crack. I wonder if part of this is the way a woman's center of mass is different from a guy's?

Anyway, i've finally been places where i can set up a rig to give adam glass's advice a go:

  • hang a band from something (adam suggests within a power rack/cage) to be able, effectively, to put one's butt in a sling to help with that get up from the ground sticking point.
The rig certainly enables me to get back up (no probs getting down :) ) for a few reps at a go, do right, do left, break with fast and loose or zhealth and come on back - which may indicate there's just enough support for now. I got my "high" volume in with this today with a 12. BUT i think what i might try is using this rig with a lighter band for singles on the heavy day.

If you're just looking to get your body weight pistol happening, there are two sources: the best freebie is at Beast Skills. (i think the person's first name is Jim, but it's actually really challenging to find his name on his site!)

The best book/video on building appropriate strength/tension techniques, also featuring how to get a one arm push up, is Pavel Tsatsouline's Naked Warrior.

If you've had trouble with weighted pistols, and have found techniques to break the cycle and get success, please share.

I'll let you know how the sling shot technique progresses.
Feb 25: update here and prelim review of Steve Cotter's mastering the pistol


Jason said...


Strangely, I find weighted easier than non weighted. Balance offset of weight who knows. Sadly this only seems to work for the left leg. Right leg almost a non starter. Something not right in the ankle. Hey ho.


dr. m.c. said...

Jason, sounds like a case for zhealth/fms to look at what's going on that you're not ambidextrous on this one. can you get an assessment - might help with other stuff, too?


Rannoch Donald said...

Check out Steve Cotter's Pistol DVD. There is a complete scaleable program which is excellent.

I have to say, weighted pistols are fine, body weight is still my challenge!


dr. m.c. said...

wow, so you see i think this is a boy/girl thing - at least in part - and where our centers of gravity are. that's my hypothesis and i'm sticking with it. :)

I've seen so many pistol progressions, Rannoch, and they're always guys doing them. I've read steve's stuff on the web and that inspired me to do the crane version which i like very much. but weighted? ok, will be happy to check it out. make me a believer!



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