Sunday, September 14, 2008

Peace One Day - Rannoch is More Profound

Over the summer i wrote a piece about Rannoch Donald, RKC, whose perspective on life and practice just zen's me out. He also makes great t-shirt designs.

So i dropped by his site today, and there was a new badge for Peace One Day. The global uber effort is to connect actions across the planet with peaceful actions for one day a year. The project has been operating since 1999. 

Part of participating is to make a commitment for one day to do something, well, peaceful. Here's where Rannoch just keeps getting deeper. His commitment? "I will look at everyone and ask what can i do for you?" I wish i'd thought of that. What a powerful commitment
 that is. 

Way to go Rannoch. And thanks for pointing me, among others, to another cool place/state of mind. Way to help change the world.

1 comment:

Rannoch Donald said...


You caught me off guard.

There will be Peace One Day for all of us. Thanks for commenting.



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